Good ev

I say home alone, there’ll be a sleeping small person here too.

Don’t try and back out now ma man :grinning::+1:

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No way to talk about lo pan


@rich-t your little corner shop you work at are selling something called a BBQ Texas Slammer and I’d just like you to know that it’s bloody lovely.


This huge storm has just missed the city and I am heartbroken :frowning:

That the jalapeno wrapped up in every sort of meat imaginable?

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Cheese, wrapped in a jalapeno, wrapped in a sausage, wrapped in bacon. Had one with lunch (bbq brisket in a roll):ok_hand:

Thought you’d have had a whack on the big daddy burger tbh


Didn’t have any left did they!

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Where’s @bugduv?

Asked for a self ban for a month or two

Fair enough, hope he’s doing ok. And Irons, DB, Meow and s_h.

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Grrr. They sound like inconsiderate nobs.

Played sonic 2 last week. Have a raspberry pi with a load of old stuff on it. 'Twas a failed attempt to introduce my eldest to the joys of 16bit. She just wanted to play Mario kart 8.

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Dylan day #2


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Nice of you to say!

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Thanks gnomey. They went away last week which has almost made them coming back worse…to know what it can be like when it’s quiet.

I’d take the point that I chose to live in a flat, but I get on really well with my downstairs neighbours (who also hear the noise from two floors above!) and we have a really nice give and take attitude… Sometimes they’ve texted me to keep it down a bit or if I’m on my phone, and my natural reaction (which I thought everyone’s was) was to apologise profusely and keep it down a bit!! If I’d had a more positive first meeting with the mother I might feel in a position to do it with upstairs but it’s clear they are just entitled and have no regard for others.

I suppose looking for the good in all this, the relationship I have with downstairs is that they’re now at the level where they invite me to communal bbqs and stuff which is super nice! Haha and one time I screamed to upstairs to ‘f off’ (not standard behaviour let me add but it had been going on for hours) and next thing I got a text from downstairs saying ‘shout louder!!!’



Figured out the culprit of my horrendous allergies is a plant my mum got for her birthday. Now have to decide whether to put up with it or awkwardly ask to rehome the plant in the garden (or ideally burn it so its evil pollen can never hurt me again).

Today was mostly good but exhausting in all the ways. Worrying at home much I want alcohol/how frequently I think of it as a first de-stressing option :confused:

Bon Jovi is doing a stadium gig nearby and I keep hearing faint renditions of songs I recognise.

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You must be about halfway there…