Good evening all!

What’s on the agenda tonight?

I might be playing a little game of Civ with some peeps.

  • burritos
  • beers
  • twin peaks: fire walk with me
  • more beers



that sounds like a lovely evening!

Never watched any twin peaks though I imagine it’s good


Get on it now you’ve got the time! It’s a rare person who doesn’t like it.


Gonna watch Newcastle and Villa (twin peaks is dull)

In a small town on the Swiss border. Where I am is legally in Austria, but it’s basically Switzerland culturally (and unfortunately also in prices). It’s been lovely and sunny, and I’ve got a great bunch of kids in a lovely new building, so I’m content despite the fact that I have a stinking cold and a nasty cough, and start work at 7am. (Damn kids and their germs). Last week I had a class who were a total and utter pain in the arse in the way only spoilt 13 year olds can be, so this school seems lovely and restful.

yeah I think I’ve seen some other daivd lycnh stuff…did he do the one with the baby and the singing woman in the radiator?

Going to big tesco to buy a week’s supply of ready meal

Yeah, this is the film you’re thinking of:

yeah, great movie!

I think I saw blue velvet as well but I really don’t remember anything other than the song

Feel much better than I usually do at this point in the week, might ruin it all by having a beer or two.

here’s your Monday bam cover guys…lots of chords!


‘body horror’ smh

Made falafel for the first time. Turned out quite well

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one beer won’t hurt!

Also bought chickpeas but couldn’t be arsed cooking them so used a ready mix

why are they so green?

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Dunno. Thought they looked a weird colour but taste and consistency wise they were fine

I thought they were broccoli and the chickpeas were presented as deconstructed falafel at first.


Eaten piri piri chicken (leftovers from yesterday) and sadza with some green vegetables. Wasn’t the best meal ever but I’ve got leftover curry for tomorrow at work.

Was meant to play football after work but cleverly left my PE kit at work this morning.