Good Evening DiS (21/05/18)


How is everyone?
Was pretty productive at work today so feel good about that. My manager will probably shit all over the work tomorrow now but :man_shrugging:

What you eating?
What you drinking?
What you doing?


evening @Unlucky

about to get some lunch soon. dunno what. maaaaaaaaaybe some chipotle :thinking:


Got totally soaked on the way home.

Eating: veggie pies, mash, veg
Drinking: tea
Doing: dunno


I’m on my way back from the beach. Had a really nice day to make up for the last two not so good ones. Had a bbq on the beach and I’m still stuffed from that, drank some Radlers too.


Eating: Totally CBA so had microwave curry

Drinking: YOU decide

  • Yes
  • Remember how you felt yesterday morning

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Doing: Dunno few options to watch Silicone Valley or The Squid and the Whale or the benedict cumberbatch thing.


Evening. I was debating whether to usurp you there but you got it done in time.
Had chicken Kiev for tea now eating some pretty amazing shortbread that I picked up at Tebay last night. Got my car MOTd which passed fine but then someone crashed into the back of my mum after she’d dropped me off to pick up the car :woman_facepalming:. Might go out for a walk as there’s nothing on tv.


How is it only Monday? Feels at least Thursday. Four more days of this bullshit before the weekend? NO THANKS. Get on with sorting the calendar out, Corbyn.


Bank holiday weekend tho…


I had some tablet when I was off my veganism for a bit and it was GOOD.


Never been to Chipotle, any good?


Well yes, butter does make all things better


Sun is shining in North London, obviously.


Solid tea. :+1: haven’t had mash in ages, might make some soon.


it’s pretty average




Go somewhere better then.


does anyone still plugdj?


Usually have sweet potato mash which doesn’t really need butter (is what I tell myself)


absolutely smashed work today, everything went right. feels eerie.

gonna have courgette, halloumi and sun dried tomato pasta. :fire::fire::fire:


Glad you had a better day, sorry if my possibly poor advice had any negative effect.