Good Evening DiS (21/05/18)


eating - random combination of ingredients with pasta and garlic bread
drinking - might have a beer later
doing - some work, probably nothing of interest afterwards

Oh look at me, I can decide all by myself whether I’ll drink a beer or not.

Not tonight, I’m afraid.

I’ve got things to do first - I haven’t even hit the stage of needing to decide by myself. might need to poll that beforehand

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Good evening sir

Jacket spuds with chilli and coleslaw

Some of the knock off Aldi San pelle stuff (blood orange) and a couple of wanker teas

Just had a nap. Apparently I was tired.

Evening :wave: had a total panic about going to the gym :confused: Felt massively self conscious :roll_eyes: why did I choose to wear my massive zardoz tshirt?!? :joy: ah well, it was fine.

Eating dr oetker pizza for the second day in a row. Sorry, guts. Resisting the urge to go straight to bed after.

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Yeah I was gonna say in the other thread the fear is never as bad as the actuality but seemed like you already had enough support.

I’m wearing a t-shirt with Kirk Van Outen - ‘Can I Borrow a feeling on it?’ on it.

I’m normally a fairly sanguine commuter, but after a crap day I’ve become one of those people who passively aggressively tweets at my rail franchise. In my mind they brought it on themselves with all that publicity about how there’d be 8 times more trains and they’d run on time.

My flatmate just asked me if it’s a good idea if he asks out a woman at work who just split up with her fiancee (who cheated on her) about 2 weeks ago… ‘Erm no’.

Excllent tshirt choice :+1::grinning:

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Evening. I’m alright but really stressed out and my jaw / face really aches from unconsciously clenching my teeth all day, really bad :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Some kid just came round our street selling tablet to raise money for something. Would’ve been rude to say no…


That doesn’t look suspect at all. Probably delicious tbf

@plasticmike would go nuts for this


It’s not bad. Not going to do my toothache any good though…

Eating: just demolished a Mexican veggie concoction, with homemade guacamole and rice.

Drinking: about to make a cup of camomile.

Doing: worrying about getting my tattoo tomorrow.

What part about getting your tattoo is worrying you?

The pain. It’s about 10 years since I got my last one, and I really can’t remember how uncomfortable it is. The new one is going to be a bigger job too.

Yeah but I want ALL the support!