Good evening folks!


Is folks gender non-specific? This thread is for you whoever you might be!

I should really do my push-ups this evening but I can’t be fucking bothered, think I’m losing enthusiasm because I’m not a fit man with a godly bod. I blame the snickers and sensations I bought the other day.

How we doing anyway?

Please keep me away from Hearthstone!


think folks is very gender non-specific

I am typing up a report from bed because I have my monthly debilitating 1-2 day illness that makes me unable to sleep or have any remotely positive thoughts.


ah gosh that sounds terrible! Hmm what’s good for blocking out negative thoughts…alcohol? I shouldn’t say that really that’s not super healthy but sometimes I have to drink my demons away for a little while.


Saw some super cool dudes playing quiditch in the park


is that seriously what they are




Done 4 interviews today. Really CBA with the rest of my late shift now. Jackets, cheese, beans and coleslaw for dinner


Someone finally came through with £100 they owed me, which feels like free money, but it’s not.
Still getting drunk off it!


yeah I am having a beer and eating loads of little chocolate almond things and regularly swearing at things


I moved house today. Although I’ve got a million things to unpack it’s really hit me this evening how much more personal space I’m getting here for way less money compared to living in London. A nice realisation to have.



well the chocolate sounds nice!


Still at it and listening to Criminal.

Ep. 63 nearly made my heart explode into a million little pieces :cry:


ah congratulations! Hope you love your new place


Far, far too tired to do anything.


yeah I wish it was possible for me to find employment in a more affordable city :frowning:

I’m moving to London purely cause it’s the only way I can get a job doing anything remotely in my area of experience and knowledge. I don’t really give a shit about it being London and would willingly give up access to any cultural/social stuff (that I can’t afford anyway) to just have a job that isn’t shit.

…will probably get a horrible job now anyway


Once you’re all unpacked I want a nosey round your place!! Tour me! :smiley:


learning to draw
Watch this space


evenin. gonna eat some curry, do a bit of writing and then maybe watch a moviefillum. got a couple of things i’ve wanted to watch for a while in the post. that’s about it tbh.