Good evening folks!

will do


Typical plasticsnickers!

sorry in advance I’m going to be a hypocrite and a dick now:

what a bunch of fucking losers!!!

shit I need to do mine actually.

Yeah I did it for exactly the same reasons. Living in London was good for my CV but bad for my life.

Turns out my brothers birthday meal started at 7 not 7.30, oopsy

Anyone else find that they like their sibling’s partner more than they like their sibling?

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£25 they sell themselves short

wearing tights with ‘wanna party’ down the legs think I’m having a mid-life crisis


I’m currently babysitting three kids and a dog. The kids are doing there own thing, the dog on the otherhand…


Just had a game of badminton. TV kicked my arse :sweat_smile:

Curry for tea.


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I think mine and my siblings’ partners are the glue that hold together any family gathering. We’d just descend into teenaged-behaviour chaos without them.

apologies to Snoop Dogg I went a bit chop chop master onion there

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faces are hard

Doing some work then looking into a structural survey for a house. What a thrilling evening!

nice house?

I’m very pleased with it!

haha fucking hell did you just make that on paint? :laughing:

i do fucking love quids

Might watch Bake Off from a few weeks ago, I missed most of the biscuit one because window poo girl and Irish bat dad both came to light while I was watching it round someone’s house. Then I’ll watch new Bake Off when the TV gets home.


Evening all! Successful life admining day - got my hair cut (almost too short), had photos taken for Right Move and went to the dump. Witches - no teddy bear grave yard, but a gnome grave yard - there were hundreds of the things!