Good evening folks!

Bit nervous about my test tomorrow now

You’ll be fine, just remember what you’re instructors taught you and don’t rush anything. Good luck!

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these are excellent, can you do one of actual me playing the banjo might have it printed and framed

anyone know why when i google “good films on netflix uk” i always click the first link, pick a movie AND ITS NEVER ACTUALLY ON FUCKING NETFLIXXXXXX!!!

Wait - that’s not actual you?


Feel like absolute shit.

Just ate a whole garlic bread and massive amount of spag bol. Had two glasses of wine as well. #treatyoself

Bam these are absolutely wonderful


sure! post that banjo cover you did one more time so I can listen for inspirtation

I’ve found my calling haha


Evening Bam et al. Food thread has got me hungry. Gonna wait for England to beat the Windies and rustle up some scran. Wife’s working late at parliament tonight so as is de rigueur i’mma slam on some wanky* art film.

*careful now

What does scran mean? Is that some arty thing too?

Northern slang for food :+1:


Ah the north seems amazing. Seems the further to the top of the uk you go the better right?

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cheers! probably fail on my eyesight tbh

Once you get above the midlands all is well I’d say.

Thought about defending my slice of the midlands for a minute then but nah

Oh mate I’m from lincolnshire in the east mids, there is literally nothing good going on there at all.


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Not long until an actual sausage fest:

Also Lincoln sounds like it should be a really nice place, not too big not too small, all cobblestone streets and churchea, family bike rides and people all smiling and waving.