Good Evening Fred (and everyone else)


I don’t know if I like ricotta or not and I want to find out so we’re having ricotta and basil fresh stuffed pasta for dinner. Nb. I don’t think I liked it last time I tried it naked, but I did have some tomato and ricotta pesto recently which I enjoyed.

  • Good idea :bulb:
  • Bad idea :grimacing:

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What sauce would you recommend, friends?

What are you upto tonight? What’s for dinner?
Would you like a hug?

I’m not good with pasta I’m afraid, it’s my last choice usually so cannot recommend (I usually just want as much cheese as possible).

Travelling back to Kent, getting some grub and watching The West Wing before an early night. Oven pizza probably. Yeah could go a hug.

I won my team monthly award which everyone puts in nominations for which means a lot BC I didn’t think most of them knew what I was doing last month :pleading_face: :sparkling_heart:

(If I’d been able to do it subtly I’d have nominated myself tbh. I did smash it.)



Been out for a walk in the snowy darkness. Really need a new head torch.

Also, very exciting news: New legs (pegs???) for my bed arrived today so now I won’t be sleeping on the floor anymore! :partying_face: Also see this as a big step wrt getting properly settled in here.

Very hungry now, very much need to get better at eating at regular intervals throughout the day :flushed:


As if you don’t like ricotta @Gnometorious!

It’s one of the few cheeses I quite like but that makes sense as it’s almost cream.

It works to make a creamy tomato sauce and also with basil/pesto.

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Hug x

And well done for your work award! :trophy:

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Feel like my appetite is back, thank fuck. Don’t know what to have for tea. It will be a takeaway a. since my appetite is back and b. the football is on and c. because I want one.

  • Local Indian
  • Pizza

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And a hug, please.

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I am going to have ricotta in my meal as well - ricotta, gnocchi and roast veg thing from green roasting tin.


Home early so I definitely do yoga.

Oven tea…cauli grills, croquettes and carrots on the way.

Took a bonza selfie for tomorrow as well.


I’m not sure whether I like ricotta either. It doesn’t taste of much and I’m really not into that kind of texture. Might be okay in pasta but can’t imagine it ever being any better than ‘okay’.

Does your state of undress change your opinions about food then? :wink:

Anyway I’m having a quick fully clothed misery pasta salad. Working until 11, got such a lot to get done that I think I’ll be here past 11. Sad.

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Amazing! Now let’s just hope someone, anyone, actually starts the thread :joy:


If I have time in the morning I will. :grin:

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A nice red pesto, bring some acid tang to the creamy freshness of the ricotta and basil.

I’m making soup.


That’s one of our favourites.

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Leftover dauphinois, sausages and peas for tea. Long day, tired blah blah blah.


That’s what I suggested but the only red pestos we’ve got also have ricotta in :neutral_face:

Spinach and Ricotta filo pies are the taste of Greek holidays. Ricotta gets a :+1: from me

Chicken Korma with mango rice ready meal from Cook for dinner which was nice. There’s fancy puddings in the fridge for later too.


Oh no! Probably not helpful now but I swear by the Lloyd Grossman sauce jars, they’re very good ‘CBA to make my own’ sauces and they’re often on offer at the supermarket.

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Home alone

Dunno what to order in for tea :neutral_face:

Argh, feel bad. There’s a new start at my work who asked for some guidance with something but I told them it would be best to speak to someone senior about it. It’s because I’m terrible at explaining things, I didn’t want to confuse them further with something I’m not 100% confident in.

That’s fine, right? Help.