Good EVENING Friday fans

Still no evening thread!? Mental.

I’m about to prepare a delicious veggie burger. Need some form of consolation after watching an extremely upsetting episode of a show I’m very into. Got work tomorrow, but only at 12.

Also my nan was sent home from hospital today, and they finally figured out why she’s been having some weird episodes that we’ve suspected were small strokes or something. It’s epilepsy, so now she’s on medication for that, and will hopefully be spared any more seizures. Yay!

Excellent news about your grandma WR, you must all be relieved. b d

I have nothing else. It’s been a long day, and tomorrow is going to be longer. I’m drinking beer and watching ant n dec delight in torturing desperate people on ITV. Strange world.

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Evening, good to hear about your grandmum :slight_smile:

my cat is sick again. Had the cone off after a month of having it on, then right away she scratched some of the skin off around her ears. to top it all off I heard her screaming outside, opened the door and she ran in. Could be bitten again :frowning:

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Hanging out drinking a few buds. Still ill, big night tomorrow.

Ichi says hi


Something PRETTY WEIRD just happened. I was slicing a tomato (for the burger, you see) and the seeds inside the tomato had started sprouting! Whilst still inside the tomato! It was the least ripe out of the tomatos I had as well. MENTAL.

Hey @pinkybrain what is wrong with your cat? Sorry if you’ve already explained it all in great detail or something. I hope she gets better soon, no cat should ever be sick <3

@Ruffers - good cat, that is.

@83746725 What are you doing tomorrow that will make it such a long day? I’m guessing something work related?

TV starting a food business and it’s her first event tomorrow so I’ve been helping today and will also help tomorrow. It’s great fun and I’m totally happy to be doing it but bloody hell it’s knackering!

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Hello! I have eaten pizza this evening.

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Action shot of me applying a big vinyl sticker to the cargo trike!


What kind of pizza please

she got bitten last month, and got an abcess, which required an operation. On monday she got her cone off and was let out again. By the next day had scratched the skin around her ears off. Just heard her scream there, she darted inside. We think she scratched the herself and it was really sore. She’s chilling by herself rn

She’s really just not herself, and my dad is reluctant to take her back to the vet because he thinks they’ll just put her back in the cone for a month and then the same thing will happen again :frowning:

Drinking stout in my house. I have missed booze.

Also watching Creed on Netflix. There are a lot of montages.

Doing fuck all. The plum moonshine I had last night has left me feeling a bit delicate.

Might go lie down and read a book.

Just a margherita. I’m a pizza traditionalist.

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it’s cheesy as fuck but i quite liked it

fuck sake I’ve eaten Dominos again!



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think it’s time to admit I have a problem.

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I had tortillas, a posh tortilla place has opened up downstairs from me called "BAD SPORTS"
They were nice. Planning on getting them delivered approx 1 minute walk when I’m hungover bd

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great name. Too bad they are posh