Good EVENING Friday fans

I think it’s because they want to show nfl too. The food prices were ok tbh but I’d imagine having to get a mortgage to start drinking there

Where bounce you have plum moonshine hun?

Yeah me too.

Off work until 12 December. Should feel amazing, but I’m proper rough atm.

I’ve just drunk 3 and a half pints of water in 10 mins. Proper bloated.

Pub that rhymes with “Smelldart”


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Got a long weekend, hooray. Might finally start my xmas shopping

Get well soon @pinkybrain’s cat

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Ended up back in a&e today like a total mug. Los Campesinos tomorrow though!!! :heart_eyes:

hope you are ok!


^Life plans

Evening all!

Kathleen Hanna et all just rocked my world! Off now to find a pub before getting the last train.

@whiterussian glad to hear your nan’s condition is under control. Weirdly a very similar thing has been happening with my gran this year too. She has just been diagnosed with epilepsy after a series of small strokes / episodes. Hopefully your nan stays well!

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Seem to have lost the “machine” to change the “source” for the television. Which is a bit of a “bummer”. Was looking after the kid today whilst mommy went out for a well deserved work night out. Both are in bed now, LoL.

thanks bam :slight_smile: i’m fine x


great sense of achievement helping to do that crossword :slight_smile:

glad your nan is on the mend wr

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Found it! Forgot I let the baby play with it then he threw it away when my Greggs festive bake looked more fun. Time to control an androgynous Japanese boy fight monsters (and then Maybe play Final Fantasy on the computer, RoFL)


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glad to hear it, we’re all worried about you!

Ah man haircut tomorrow morning, oh brother, was so much easier when I didn’t get my hair did every few weeks :frowning: (their coffee is pretty good though YOLO)

I’m got stop making sense on the old YouTube. It’s giving me a buzz just watching! Makes me want to play live again

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