Good evening good people

Absolutely riddled with dread about work stuff, had a serene few hours of thinking :woman_shrugging: but am firmly back in the :grimacing: phase.

What you up to huns? I’m going to try to do some poetry later I think. Up early to go to Liverpool so an early night too.

What’s for dinner?

My tea

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Had a good old singalong in the car on the drive home. It’s good for the soul, singing, eh?

Apologies to the people who live near Preston Park station for me belting out this with the windows open

We also just misheard Jimbo saying “when you get to high school you get knockers”. Turns out he said the word Lockers with a mouthful of dinner.


Hey itd

Still another hour and half to go here that the shop factory. No idea what’s for tea tonight. Off tomorrow though. Might make a slow cooker spag bol for the kids tea tomorrow

Stopped this walking out the door and got aggressively abused for it, so that’s something. Bit shaky and pissed off


Someone tried to steal all that?!

(hope you’re ok <3)


you guys run a training program for new thieves?

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So would the plan with that be to return a huge basket of steak they hadn’t actually bought and collect the £355?

Edit: No, just the obvious shoplifting.

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Yes they did and then physically threatened me when I stopped them.

Another one to add to the book

Sell it for much cheaper than its actually worth for a quick fix of something probably. We won’t accept refunds on food unless there is something not right with it.

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actually done me a bit the top item on here

hope you’re ok mate.


You’ve never been in a pub where some chancer tried to sell you some cheese or meat?


All part of the theft. Nick a couple of bags to carry your £355 worth of steak out the door m also a concealing method.

Thanks man x

think he’s talking about the Percy pigs

Oh it’s an actual shopping bag?

Someone getting arrested on the incoming flight so we can’t get on. Already delayed 1.5 hrs

*Percy pig bags

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do you have security for this reason? Not worth you risking your life over a potential punch/stabbing?

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Nope. Each shop is graded by risk and allocated security based on that. Stopped in store, would never chase anyone out the shop

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Currently rearranging the flat because our new sofa is arriving in the morning. Taking the opportunity to tidy all the piles of records knocking around while I’m at it. Not working tomorrow so I’m also drinking beer and swaying wildly to jazz.

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Still got the rona. Gonna eat some food and try and get the kiddo to sleep please please please oh god please.

Need to call my dad and raise he’ll with him at some point but not in the mood for that. Would have a beer but I had one this afternoon.

what are we looking at? recently started eating tofu raw, not sure how I feel about it or myself.

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