Good evening good people

Canny really fuck it up but it’s always worth pressing out all the liquid first (pre-freezing and defrosting will get even more out)

Actually no, but I know the racket. I just didn’t understand why there was a receipt.

Someone I knew was employed by the UK Fishing Board to make sure none of the fisherpeople from the fish quay were selling cash in hand fish. ‘Bizzie’ is a NE slang term for police so we all called him a Fish Bizzie.


Maybe it wasn’t all cooked through? If you cut large cubes you gotta cook for a long time

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Evening all!

I had a reasonably productive afternoon - marked nine exams and completed Nier Automata for the third and final time - and then ate some delicious five spice chicken drumsticks.

Beef brisket, corn on the cob, asparagus and coleslaw for dins.


Going to force myself to eat dinner for the first time since Fri because my dysmorphia’s been playing right up but got to get something worthwhile inside me. But also drinking 4 tins of beer as a treat.

Any ideas as to why I can’t access DiS through my home wifi but other sites are fine? Have had to disconnect just to post this.

First day back was alright, got through most stuff and did a bit of work on the train back to Leeds before diving into a pub to catch the end of the cricket. Then a bit more work in the pub as a celebratory treat.

Only 3 more days of work before 5 days of strike action next week. This month has been a bit silly.

Fajitas and try a brand new cocktail - very tropical one just as the sun breaks through, timing!

Had a little lounge in the park soaking up some rays, wish I’d been out there all evening tbh. I forget how much I like Outside

How long have the boards been back on? I swear they were down at 4pm but looks like everyone’s been posting merrily all day?
Have you missed me?

I can access through wifi but not on my 3G - odd!

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There’s some stuff on the Feedback board about it, something about your device has cached bad DNS info or something and it’ll sort itself out in a day or two? (I absolutely did not understand it)

I’ve been having intermittent problems with it today and yesterday, it won’t show me any new posts for ages and then it works for a bit and then stops. It’s seriously interfering with the procrastination I’m trying to do.


Worked fine for some and not for others. Only just got back on really, cleared my cache and that helped.


Ah I see… Well, good to know that it isn’t just me then. Suppose I’ll just have to ride it out.

Yay dad and I are going to Paris end of July for a week!!


It’ll be my first trip ‘abroad’ in way over three years


Got home this evening to find two holes in our bedroom wall and one in the spare room in the latest chapter of our ongoing cladding nightmare. Three fucking years of scaffolding, no cladding, no insulation, mouldy walls, stress and hating our flat (that is now worth £0 as a result of all of this) and the moment they start actually working on it they put two fucking holes in our bedroom walls.




Not a corn fan but that’s class.

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That sucks!