Good Evening Hi, How are you? What do you do? etc

what are your plans for the evening? What are you eating?

I’m having a pizza with pineapple on it. haters welcome

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You get some chilli on that bad boy and it’s a Ruffers Speciale. All the food groups.

My date has been pushed back from 19:30 to 20:00 which should be optimum time to guarantee the lack of appropriate seating :+1:


SFPP Redux

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We’re going to watch moana

probably will whack a few chilis on there, I do it with most pizzas

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I enjoyed Jemaine Clement in that

Evening! Got Zelda on the TV, a few beers in, and a takeaway ordered. Cheers!


I really don’t get why people consider it the pizza abomination. I mean, have they seen what people do to pizzas these days?

egg on their faces.


Had an underwhelming dinner but I bought a bottle of wine so I’m gonna start on that now and watch Netflix until I fall asleep. Off to see I, Tonya tomorrow with some people from work and maybe going for food after which should be fun. Nothing’s open on Sunday here so I’ve booked in some extra work to break up the monotony and cos I’m broke.


Evening all. Had to make a rushed tea with the little we’ve got in and some leftovers last night and ended up with some 100% carb monstrosity. It may be shit like this that makes it so hard for me to lose weight.

About to head out for a train then to watch noisey bands and drink lovely beer in Cardiff.

Hope you’re all having lovely evenings.

It’s nice but only ever had it with that really terrible ham they put on pizzas so it’s slightly tainted by association.

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There may be many worse, newer pizza abominations but pineapple is the original. Awful, awful stuff.

What should I have for tea DiS?

what was your carb monstrosity? pasta sandwich?

pizza with pineapple

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Goujons and chips, pretending I’m a child. Then to le pub. Have a good evening all

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Bit breaded out tbh