Good Evening Hi, How are you? What do you do? etc

Been to a grand country pub for a pint. Now rustling up seabass, med veg and cous cous for tea and drinking a beer or two. Up at silly o’clock tomorrow 4.15 am :grimacing: for work. Zzzzzzz

This sounds like a fantastic tea.

Back from seeing Ladybird, thought was very good… but kind of in that’s ‘fine’ way.

Tired so gonna try nap. Then eat some leftovers and tidy the mess in the kitchen I couldn’t be arsed dealing with last night.

Worse: a supernoodle sandwich. With bits of leftover chicken. I think there was some rice in there somewhere. It was a full on stoner student special, only eaten by a sober 30-odd year old who really should know better.

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Probably have it once a week. Great dinner

can’t believe we live in a world where something as normal and delicious as pineapple on pizza is compared to a fucking egg on a pizza.


chinese? get something in sweet and sour sauce (it has pineapple)


Don’t think I’ve actually ever seen an egg on pizza in real life… is it all a big trick?

That sounds bleak ngl

it’s a legitimate italian thing

unless they’ve been clowing us for millennia.

I have a burrito in the making and a really pleasant Belgian cherry wheatbeer on the go.
Might finish my book and listen to a bit of Strauss or I might just watch Jessica Jones.

Evening everyone

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I quite fancy takeaway from the Chinese buffet but it means going outside again :woman_shrugging:

That’s it, I’ve never been to Italy…or London I have actually been to London

Really? When people say they’ve never been to Italy I get quite sad.

Tonight’s masterchef is on at 730pm.

I repeat:



hmm can you give us something to work with? this is getting nowhere, fast

spaghetti hoops on toast?

Just saw. Got to take Rs friend home then. Flipping heck.

Bit of Mac cheese for tea, then g and t, creme egg and telly.

AdamBuxton and Kathryn Ryan on room101 so that looks ok tonight too.

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For someone who’s ‘breaded out’? Smh

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Evening, ended up going to the pub for a bit instead of swimming, now I’m getting some food and maybe doing the pub again later. YYYYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS