Good evening lovelies

I couldn’t tell if the other one was a makeshift evening thread so I’ve decided to just go for it. What are you doing, what are you eating, what are you drinking. Photos encouraged. I’m eating Japanese and drinking lemon Fanta.

Oh and just for @Epimer and @ericVI


What meat (assuming it’s meat) is that?

Chicken although I have my doubts

I just saw a woman fill her toddler’s bottle with Fanta.


Prob ran out of coke


Yeah that’s dog

This is the scene on the PARTY train


It was also smuggled in to the food hall, she produced a 2 litre bottle from under the table and filled up everyone’s drinks with it.

Feeling mildly better. May have a shower to freshen myself up. Off to an improv gig later and might be seeing the lady I’ve been texting. Going to try not to drink so I’ll be able for work tomorrow.

That food looks damn tempting @laelfy.

Gosh that was a greasy samosa

What is that a can of?

Coke! 250ml. Was outraged when i first saw them. Grown to favour them over the ol 330 classic now though…

Weird! Used to vanilla Coke in that size. Have never seen them in Ireland.

It is tasty, thank-you. I’ve also got some nice takoyaki.

I think you need to stop calling this lady ‘the girl I’m texting’ btw. Future Mrs K or something.

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K-Fut for short


It’s restoring my appetite just looking at it!

I can’t do that! It’s early days, it’d be quite presumptive!

Hiya :wave:


@ttf nope

Alright @laelfy. Hope BCN is amazing.

I’m having @profk dinner Kiev chips beans. Went to pub and didn’t have a beer earlier. But having a solitary beer now.

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