Good evening lovelies


Sorry to encroach, see everyone tomorrow


Alright @laelfy. Hope BCN is amazing.

I’m having @profk dinner Kiev chips beans. Went to pub and didn’t have a beer earlier. But having a solitary beer now.


Anna jones burgers when i get home. Then a couple of citras and watch the last 2 eps of punisher. Preety deece


I had crispy tofu, noodles and veg.

Currently drinking decaf coffee.

Will probably watch whatever NHS tat C4 are showing before reading my book in bed. Turns out I probably don’t have to apply for the other half of my job now.


There’s an outside chance I’m half cut :thinking:


Half a chance you’re outside?


Never said you weren’t lovely, did I?!


hi everybody.

I’m off to squash in a minute.

Wish me luck!


Yeah that might be it :thinking:


hi laelfy and etc

it wasn’t

unfortunately as i am a person severely lacking in loveliness i have no choice but to leave this thread with immediate effect. talk to you soon!


Gonna be on the radio tonight

listen in if you like

I even recorded a little link so you’ll hear my actual voice


Have fun Bam!


Lol, I’m 2nd track on the show, you’ve already missed me nearly


Someone’s in Barcelona?

Default reply: Can Paixano!!!


went to yoga, came back all relaxed to find the tv had drunk all the juice, so went out and bought juice.

tuna melt for tea.

nothing else to report apart from that it’s friday tomorrow


I’m at work but someone lovely had brought in some QUADRUPLE chocolate cookies. So that was good.


Just had a nice Waitrose Pie and chips for dinner.

I’m about to wander down the road to the local theatre to watch a play. Might pop in the pub on the way home.



Got an awful takeaway from the chicken shop because I was desperate. Currently waiting for someone to come and collect a set of wardrobe doors (hence the shit dinner). Really need to do a big shop, so I’m hoping they’ll turn up soon :thinking:

Watching: Limb picks highlights

Drinking: cup o’tea


Just dropped off the :rabbit: and :cat: at the cattery, now waiting for Mrs Z’s dinner at the takeaway. Not really sure what I want; don’t feel that hungry or fancy anything really. Tonight will start packing.


Today is my Friday, off to watch a friend’s band and have a couple drinks with them.