Good evening lovelies

Sorry to encroach, see everyone tomorrow

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Alright @laelfy. Hope BCN is amazing.

I’m having @profk dinner Kiev chips beans. Went to pub and didn’t have a beer earlier. But having a solitary beer now.

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Anna jones burgers when i get home. Then a couple of citras and watch the last 2 eps of punisher. Preety deece

I had crispy tofu, noodles and veg.

Currently drinking decaf coffee.

Will probably watch whatever NHS tat C4 are showing before reading my book in bed. Turns out I probably don’t have to apply for the other half of my job now.

There’s an outside chance I’m half cut :thinking:


Half a chance you’re outside?


Never said you weren’t lovely, did I?!

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hi everybody.

I’m off to squash in a minute.

Wish me luck!


Yeah that might be it :thinking:

hi laelfy and etc

it wasn’t

unfortunately as i am a person severely lacking in loveliness i have no choice but to leave this thread with immediate effect. talk to you soon!

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Gonna be on the radio tonight

listen in if you like

I even recorded a little link so you’ll hear my actual voice

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Have fun Bam!

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Lol, I’m 2nd track on the show, you’ve already missed me nearly

Someone’s in Barcelona?

Default reply: Can Paixano!!!

I’m at work but someone lovely had brought in some QUADRUPLE chocolate cookies. So that was good.

Just had a nice Waitrose Pie and chips for dinner.

I’m about to wander down the road to the local theatre to watch a play. Might pop in the pub on the way home.


Got an awful takeaway from the chicken shop because I was desperate. Currently waiting for someone to come and collect a set of wardrobe doors (hence the shit dinner). Really need to do a big shop, so I’m hoping they’ll turn up soon :thinking:

Watching: Limb picks highlights

Drinking: cup o’tea

Just dropped off the :rabbit: and :cat: at the cattery, now waiting for Mrs Z’s dinner at the takeaway. Not really sure what I want; don’t feel that hungry or fancy anything really. Tonight will start packing.

Today is my Friday, off to watch a friend’s band and have a couple drinks with them.

That wasn’t supposed to be a reply to pnik, obv