Good evening lovelies


That wasn’t supposed to be a reply to pnik, obv


Just having as long a poo as I can manage in the hope the dr has cleared up by the time I come out




Did about an hours work during the day so still working. Might go work from the pub.

Probably have a few marzipan eggs


still in bed :nauseated_face:


Train back to London, listening to Talking Heads and reading the first trade of the Kate Bishop Hawkeye comics. Gr8 fun, thanks @sadpunk for the recommendation.

picked up a delay of about twenty minutes earlier, which is long enough to be annoying but too short to get any money back. Classic.

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I’m gonna post here even though I’m not lovely.

Just had a bagel, gonna eat a Gu dessert. Then I’ll flatten a load of boxes.



Working late tonight.


just looked up flights to san francisco for two weeks’ time for fun, EUR 500, should i go? i should go, right. hope someone will give me some time off.


Had 2 things to do today and I’ve almost finished the first thing :man_shrugging:


Looks a good price :+1:

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Evening love(laelf)lies. Wife-o is feeling a lot better :grinning: which means I prolly could’ve gone to DiS beers :confused:


Submitted my entry for my uni’s one minute movie comp today. Feel proud of it, maaaaan.

Started looking into Dedekind Cut yesterday cause it sounded like a cool name. I think I like a lot of what I’ve heard; feel free to push recs my way.


good news, she can fetch her post then!

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I collected it for her cos I thought she was still under the weather but it turns out she’s fine and I collected it for no reason other than the true altruist hero that I am :1st_place_medal:


Evening :waves:

Cakes went down a treat with reading group people and I got to trot out my ‘interesting’ fact about Aelthred* the Unready, so a decent time all told.

Olympics time now, still got two lots of Alpine Skiing to catch up on. Pretty knackered and cranky because I missed my afternoon nap though tbh.

*I can’t find the appropriate joined up ae thing on my keyboard for name accuracy, please imagine it is there.


Friends just rang to say he’s in the pub. That 2nd bit of work can go to hell wait til the morning


æ …


That’s a lot of boxes!


Damnit, too late for me to edit it in. Where did you find it? It wasn’t lurking behind either the a or the e on my keypad.