Good evening Moonday

I’m typing this really really slowly as it is five to evening and I don’t want any of those vigilant mods telling me off. Plans for the eve? Food?

I am gonna make a baked potato with cheese in memory of spudulike.

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Good (early) Evening Tilty!

Might record a mix tonight, or I might jump on my bike and drop off a film to be developed. Or I might stay in and do the bins since it’s bin day tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do more than one, who knows.

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Aight. Running, eat more ratatouille, watch some Legion, maybe start holiday packing.

Good evening dis

Enjoying this lovely view

From this place


God I’m on the biggest downer of all time

Oooh my word!

Cheer up for fappy’s bday!

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going to celebrate surviving my trip to the dentist soon I think




Where you at man? Trying to out swank me on the honeymoon front

Been Aldi with my wife. The most infuriating thing ever. Let me go on my own pls.

Having this for dinner

And sorting out the bombsite of a house probably.

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Just a quick mooch round Scotland, I’m about 20 miles west of castle Douglas tonight, Glasgow tomorrow, Cairngorms on Wednesday then Aberdeen on Thursday. Back home Friday
Not been on much today. Where are you?

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quite hot

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Back home :frowning:

We stayed on a vineyard in the South Downs, in a lovely lodge. Having a week at green man as our actual honeymoon

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Homes good. I’m still knackered from all the nervous energy and need a lot of sleep but we’re living with my folks so needed to go away

Bit soon to be that rude about her m9 :wink:

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It was infuriating doing the shopping with her before Friday

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Evening all.

Been at the wedding venue trying out food. So much pie, so much dessert. I’m now too full for the Chinese I’d been secretly planning to propose we order this evening…

…OR AM I?!

Nope, that didn’t work. Fully stuffed. Oh well.

Gonna mooch about a bit and do some more work on the live set in a bit. That’s about the size of it for me this evening.

I hope you’re all well.


Spent all day fantasising about the burger and chips (mostly the chips) I was going to have when I got home.

The burger place is out of burgers.


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Was going to ask how your day went.