Good evening, this is your evening thread

Please enjoy your evenings within.


I haven’t got anything to say but I’m just posting here to feel included


Hey FL me ol mucka

Feeling a bit glum for no real reason. Football later, might make me feel worse.

@froglet same


burnt the top of my mouth on a ready meal


Good evening


My small goals of the day of mowing a lawn, visiting a garden centre and walking aimlessly around town were achieved.

A night in with a film. Might watch a film called After Life (a Japanese film) on BFI Player. And I might order my first McDonald’s in months. Big night ahead!


Shit day, haven’t had a proper meal, hoping for a better evening.

The books which are sequels to one I recently finished and enjoyed a lot arrived today. However, while waiting on them I started on The Aeneid and am a chapter in

  • Keep going with the Aeneid
  • Put down the ancient epic and start the new book you are excited for, with the risk you’ll never finish the former
  • Try alternate between the two?

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Evening all

Am listening to Elliott Smith. Feels like the right weather for it. Am supposed to be chatting to some friends on Zoom later but I’m hoping that Mrs CCB will carry the weight of things socially as I’m not really feeling up to it.

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If it helps I’m feeling glum too but do have a reason.

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@froglet @AQOS @ anyone else feeling glum


Thank you

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I have beer and crisps so for today I am happy :slight_smile:


Always have an okay day and a weirdly clear head on Mondays then complete shit on Tuesdays.

Good evening. Just booked a holiday kayaking from Inverness to Fort William. Feel like some fried chicken.


Is that the Kore-eda After Life? It’s good.

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:laughing: at first read I thought this was some way of described how you were :sweat_smile:

I’m so tired I feel like fried chicken man :sweat:

That holiday sounds ace though. How far is it?

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Watching the A Team with the boys for the first time. The oldest is impressed.


Hiya. Made enchiladas for tea. That’s about it. :man_shrugging:


Evening all!

Collected a very excited The Child from her grandparents today. She’s been talking a lot up until the point I gave her the tablet for a bit of peace.

Wor Lass has gone for a lie down because she feels ill.

If she feels better we might watch Creed II. If she stays in bed I might have a beer and play Spider-Man.

This was one of my dad’s standard jokes

One of us “I feel like some chips later”
Dad “Well you don’t look like some chips later!”

Oh, Dad.