Good evening, this is your evening thread

My dads was…

Me: I’m hungry!
Dad: I’ll be Austria!


Hello and good evening.

Already made dinner, (paneer and chickpea curry) so just bedtime with daughter then dinner is dead easy.

Hope you’re all ok x


Just done the first topcoat on a couple of walls in the kitchen. A friend asked me what the colour was and when I looked it up the manufacturer describes it as , heh heh heh, ‘a sophisticated aubergine’. hehehehhehehehe


Tbh I did feel like fried chicken but I’m just had a shower.

It’s 100km over 4 days so shouldn’t be too bad?


It should be brilliant fun :smiley:

Nope… Back to the fucking Simpsons.

Pissing rain and midgeys?

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Midges at sea!? Scotland is a brutal wild land.

I’ve played too much SNaToCtCetc and I’m thinking “hmm you might scrape third place with that guess”

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Yep. That’s the one.

Nice one. Looking forward to it after a thumbs up for it from you.

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I hope its OK mentioning this. I’ve mentioned my youngest nephew having Crohns disease.

This month now his shielding has been lifted slightly and he can go for walks he’s decided to walk 10000 steps a day every day in July, to mark his 10th Birthday and raise money for his children’s ward.

Little champ.

If anyone fancies sponsoring him it would be appreciated. Just don’t mention DiS, that’d be weird. :grinning:


Well they love the water so… and we’re camping so…

Hello :wave:

Chopped up a load of things, covered them in oil and chucked them in the oven. Not feeling too inspired to be honest. Not after the absolute legend that was the chicken fried rice yesterday.

So, the tv is busy all weekend and I’m feeling a bit flat :confused: I am without plans and can’t really think of what to do… would be nice to have a weekend to look forward to :heart:

I should really go on my spin bike but… I suppose I will.

OH GOD, What a total downer. Shut up Witches.

LOVE YOU ALL. You’re all brilliant. xxxx


Come through to Glasgow and drink cans in the park


Could you canoe in this?

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Hmm that might be waterproof too. Two birds one stone

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I feel your pain, @Witches! We had a lovely weekend for Mrs CCB’s birthday a few weeks ago but we’ve done so little since then. Don’t feel bad about feeling down / flat about it. Glasgow cans with Laefs would be great!


I would absolutely run at the chance if it weren’t for the :train2:

Thanks ccb :slight_smile:

I feel your pain about feeling mentally drained! To be honest, what I REALLY want is to hang out with someone else who makes ALL the effort, so I can sit and enjoy their company but not really contribute that much because I have not much to say.

I have one friend I’d LOVE to hang out with but blaaah, I’m too scared to ask because I think they’d say they can’t and I can’t face any rejection at the moment. Haha.

I hope you enjoy your zooming tonight xx don’t you feel bad either, people will understand if you’re a little quieter than normal, you work so hard xx :heart:

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Danke muchly (my moods are up because cheese and potato pie is on the horizon admittedly)

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