Good Evening Thread

Good evening. I want a pizza more than I’ve ever wanted a pizza before. BRB going to the shops.

Obviously tell me about your evenings too, but to be frank I’ll be too busy thinking about my pizza


I think now I’m going to busy thinking about pizza as well.



We’re having takeaway tonight because we’re out of food in the fridge and have a shop coming tomorrow. It won’t be pizza though, we had that Saturday. Not sure what yet though.

Shittest day ever today. Glad it’s over. Got provencal and something for tea. Gonna have a couple of beers I think.


Hugs. I prescribe something cheesy to make it better.

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I’m making pizza dough so I can have pizza tomorrow. If that helps at all.


On the phone to the Indian. Would love a beer, but better not.

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Tired. :yawning_face:

Can everyone stop talking about pizza and beer please.

Spag Bol and squash for me :unamused: (I’m sure it’ll be tasty)


Did a bbq

Yum yum

Watching my football team get beat again

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it’s carbonara evening :tada:


Questions I never thought I’d be asked, number 6732:

‘Daddy, would you still think mummy had a nice bum if she wore a butt wig?’

Evening all.


Evening all

Plans for the evening:

  • finish work in a sec (been a long day)
  • get a bit of housework done
  • Connect Four Club (my eldest has a Guides Zoom meeting from 7.30-8.45pm, and so I play Connect Four with my youngest from 7.30-8pm)
  • Quorn chilli and rice for dinner, plus Wednesday gin and tonic
  • maybe a sneaky game of SNaCoTtCetc

Well, would she?

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Had a vegan steak for dinner

Just had leftover pasta (the curly spring kind) for dinner. Gonna go walk. Might have cider lolly first

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not sure I’ve brushed my teeth today

ahhh, WFH life, eh?

Hello all (hope the evening’s an improvement, Rich).
I had a lovely email from Popbitch earlier thanking me for sending something in for today’s newsletter, which made me smile, along with their Coronavirus Puzzlebook. Is there really a naked Bob Dylan impersonator called Knob Dylan? (Don’t ask me – I’ve not got to the answers yet.)
Ploughing through a dish of cous cous and pork for the evening meal. Might go for a walk later if the rain eases off. Could do with leaving the flat for a bit.

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Appallingly of the 8 fresh and frozen pizzas available at Tesco local 5 were pepperoni and 3 were cheese. How about a bit of variety lads? I almost asked to speak to the manager not really.

You’ll be pleased to know I bought a cheese feast and pimped it up with some ham and pineapple



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