Good evening Thursday

‘tested’ my bike commute today. Still need to bus a short bit thanks to bridges but still.

Fancied a cocktail so I’m off to derby to see my pals Kate and Tom for a cocktail or two

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Think I’ll stay in.


Had a fairly productive day around the house. Now eating slow cooked pork carnitas and homemade chips, it is as my old nan used to say, fucking delightful. Cake and dread for later.

Just had an phone assessment on my faulty neck and the physio concluded that I have ‘shocking posture’. Which I do, but it’s amazing that he picked that up through the phone. Fair fucks.

Booked tickets to see Acaster and Al Murray at Wicksteed Park for June 2021. Can’t wait for next summer.

Chilled night planned, all ready for the release of the new Muppets show tomorrow.

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Got an exciting evening of Mac cheese and a wine in the garden with a book.

Very pumped as my friend WITH A POOL has invited me and kids round tomorrow…:muscle::muscle::heart_eyes:

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Having a shocker here lads

What’s up rich?

Midlands version of The Great Gatsby sounds intriguing.


Ey up DiS


After another blessed day having a ball online I’m going to eat some mussels



Not sure whether to make a thread for this cause it’s very much SSP, but for a little while now I’ve been concerned about what to do re: my neighbour and his kids. Is here the right place to talk about my concerns (obvs spoilered etc)? It’s really bothering me

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Go for it kerms. Or my dms are open xxx


I’m another member of the Having a Shocker club @rich-t.

The Child has been put to bed after refusing to feed herself. I’m done.

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Happy to chat (given I had to report my neighbour to social services last year and have been through it)


me and ma pooch, Scooby

So tired and so gross, need a shower and bed



Struggling to prepare myself for impending child #2, worried about money, car is in the garage again and will cost ££, my job is up for consultation and then potential redundancy, the team I manage have put me in a real bad one today with comments. You know, the normal.

Probably feeling it as I know I’m off for a week from Wednesday, but Christ, this is a shitter

Any chance of you being able to jump ship job-wise before anything happens? You’ve got a lot going on pal, it’s bound to get on top of you, but you’re doing a grand job with child #1 so I’m sure it’ll be exactly the same with 2. Always around if you need me :heart:

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Thanks mate <3
I dunno how to explain the set up really, so I live in a really old building so all of the flats are kind of hodgepodge together and it makes no sense, but it also means like, for example, I’m sat on my sofa right now and I can see my neighbours window out of mine

That’s his window for reference, I wouldn’t normally post something like that but it’s hardly something you could identify.
Anyway. It was like six months ago that this family moved in, and I’m assuming it was a mum and a dad and two youngish kids (at a guess I’d say they’re 6 and 8 but it’s hard to tell). A couple of weeks later the mum/woman wasn’t on the scene any more and it’s absolutely none of my business as to why that happened but since then I’ve heard some stuff that’s really concerned me??
And I can’t reiterate enough that this isn’t me being a nosey cow or whatever (Christ, I’ve lived in supported housing before cause of my terrible mental health and my neighbours there would be having the police over all the time and smoking actual crack but I’m very much like live your life, whatever, it’s none of my business, I’m not here to judge and I’m certainly not here to make it any more difficult.)
But, yes, back to now

Over the last couple of months, I have heard this man SCREAMING at his children. And I don’t just mean shouting cause they’re being little shits (as kids are privy to being), I mean proper screaming to the point I can hear it verbatim when I’m two floors up. And he’s properly shouting stuff that isn’t… nice, I mean I’m not a parent but I can’t imagine shouting “I DON’T FUCKING CARE” at a kid.

He also smokes a lot of weed and again, I’m not judging really, but weed now is scary stuff- not to sound like my hippy mother but it’s not old school hash, it’s hardcore yknow. And there’s a few other things that have made me a bit… uncomfortable.
Luckily I’ve text my friend every time it’s veen really bad cause that way I can look back and see dates and times, cause two weeks ago I tried to call social services but they’re only open 9-5 and this was like 8 at night.
It’s such a difficult one cause they aren’t there full time I don’t think, and sometimes I hear them laughing, and I don’t want to make their lives unnecessarily harder if I’m maybe overthinking stuff but it’s properly weighing on my mind.
Sorry for rambling