Good evening Thursday

Oh mate :frowning: I’m so sorry. You have so much to deal with, not sure what to say really x

Off for a while. Big love you lot x

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Off work or off the boards? If the latter… :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I very much doubt it. Most retailers are in a similar position and I know nowt else to diversify into. Think some of the posts about people saving money during lockdown has triggered to money thing.

@kermitwormit thanks though. Not expecting an answer and this will all pass.

Sorry to drag the filthy Thursday thread down.

This is really difficult.

Can you make a note of when it happens over say, a two week period and then look at it objectively? If then it appears to be happening with too much regularity I think it’s definitely one to alert the police to, especially (and in spite of making notes) if you fear someone is in danger.

Then you can approach social services separately with a list of times and instances of what you describe x

I have a nice chip in one of my front teeth from diving into a pool and scraping the bottom with my open mouth. Had a small filling which lasted 16yrs or so then dropped out. Have just left it. It wasn’t jagged though.

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Same tbh

Stop that.


literally boil over with rage whenever one of my mates brags about this.

its not very becoming, but literally, fuck off.


Blisters on my toes and tired of people after my afternoon session, fingers crossed for a more relaxed end to the day tomorrow. :sleeping::sleeping:

This picture is giving me the heebie jeebies.

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Bedtime is going nicely, R keeps running out of the room and blocking himself in my brother’s room. Now my mum has intervened even though I asked her not to as I was trying the no attention trick to make him bored.

Worst thing is then holding this against me like I want caring.

Yeah, I’ve started going back through the messages to my friend to make a note of what was shouted as well as how often it’s been, but it’s just the viciousness of how it’s shouted that’s jarring me, as well as the crying as stuff afterwards.
I don’t know if police would be a good way to go, though.

Do you know what school they go to? That would be a good place to start in terms of just contacting and asking to speak to someone. They are then obligated to record and follow up.


Yeah perhaps you’re right, I was just thinking if they were in danger. School sounds like a good shout.

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Was gonna suggest this

Where is @colon_closed_bracket?

That’s such a good shout but I have no idea unfortunately. Will have a think