Good evening, Tuesday evening

(Looks around. Doesn’t see another evening thread.)
Hi all. Rehanging the roman blind in my kitchen after Saturday’s flooding. Rock n roll, eh? Might have a beer to celebrate once it’s back up properly.


I’m having a beer. It’s humid. Gonna call my mum and watch a movie from Brazil. Hope I can sleep a bit better tonight.

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evening all :wave:

felt so tired today, meant work was a bit crap as I properly cba. forced myself to go out to Asda as I figured a walk might help, just made me angry cos of some people being proper arses.

better now though cos I’ve had something to eat, have a bottle of Fudge Brownie Frijj, Brentford are currently winning (won’t last) and I only have two days left of work this week. plus the obligatory games to be played later :video_game:

early night coming though

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Evening all :wave:

Doing what most of you seem to have been doing at some point: watching Glastonbury reruns. I had Pulp on whilst working, and now I’m watching R.E.M.

Had a sad and melancholic thought that I’ll probably never go to a gig that comes near to my top 5-10 gigs.


Gonna fit my new toilet seat.



Just had my second delicious steak of the week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: will have to knock that on the head. I can’t get over how aldi steaks are. £4.25 for a perfect fillet ffs. I’m in love. I LOVE ALDI



My previous one broke two days into lockdown. Never been so grateful that the local Screwfix was open.


I hope that the fall out from the kitchen flooding isn’t being too much of a pain @GarethI

Still thinking about the sweet and sour tofu I made at lunch :yum:

Really need R to get to sleep soon as I forgot my evening meds earlier and if I take them too late I’ll have shit sleep.

Going to have a beer and try figure out what to do for the evening, feeling very indecisive about that.


I’ve been properly craving one of these for weeks but the shops I’m in never have them.

@Ruffers - does this really happen?

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it was the only flavour of Frijj they had in Asda, shelf was otherwise completely bare. was after a chocolate one, but this’ll do nicely

Fudge are my treat Friji; Banana is my standard, followed by Chocolate.

The Raspberry Doughnut one they did around the Simpsons Movie was excellent too.


Certainly does! Goth pagan Christmas for the win.


Rap battling a dead horse for booze.

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So so tired

There’s a massive raspberry tart in the freezer that we forgot about, so I’m going to sort that out.


The blind is hung. Beer time.

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I’m thinking to figure out what film I will probably watch tonight

It’s one of those annoying evenings where it goes dark so you put a light on then brightens up again 5 minutes after you’ve sat down.