Good Evening Tuesday!

I haven’t made an evening thread in aaaages…just checked and have barely made any threads recently actually. Weird!

What’s up everybody?

I’ve been out on my feet all day, got a coffee with a mate this afternoon.

Just had a stir fry and treated myself to a few naughty Belvita biscuits! yum!

Evening Bammers :slight_smile:

I don’t have to set foot in work for a clear fortnight :smiley: on the downside, I’ve got a fair bit to do from home tomorrow but I’m hoping to clock off early in the afternoon. I’m feeling pretty anxious about the flight / getting to the airport etc but I think that might partly be due to my general levels of stress and tiredness.

Got enchiladas for tea, which is nice.


Hi Bam. I’m tired and hot and my armpits are sweating buckets on this train.

May play some Minecraft or Factorio later, but early bed is the priority.

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Anyone ever stuck a laptop in a bag of rice? Just had thw plug pierce a can in my bag

Evening, ive ordered a pan from argos on same day delivery. Want to make a stew, but it cpuld arrive any time up til 10.

Tip: do not use rice from one of those risotto packs with spices mixed in.

This is NOT from experience. Just helpful advice from one friend to another.


Thankfully i buy my spices in separate bags, but i’m glad that never happened to you

I can see you’re a sensible shopper. Wouldn’t want anyone to befall such a fate as mine definitely did not.

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oh where are you going? somewhere nice? Is it a valentine’s day thingie?


genuinely so happy at this news


I don’t seem to sweat or get BO as much as I used to. I wonder if it changes with age or maybe I’m just lazier now

who is she? is she good?

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Going to Florida :sunny: I’ve got relatives who live out there. Flying out Thursday :slight_smile:


can’t believe I got away with making the evening thread :sunglasses:

oh cool! My friend went there to visit his gf last year, he said it was very hot and big

evenin Bam, hope you’re keeping well ma man.

Not long in and cooking myself up some healthy dinner of fish and lots of veg. Gonna have another very lazy night on the sofa and try and shift this fucking cold.

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Hi evening team.

Going to see Spielbergs gig later. I genuinely CAN’T WAIT!!!


I’m feeling good after plenty of exercise today, long may it last!

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sorry should have said thanks for asking and get well soon :+1:

Making leek and emmental souffle and hasselback potatoes for tea.

Should be delicious but its gonna take ages and im already starving