Good Evening Tuesday!

never heard of emmental or hasselback! You sound like a culinary master

They don’t call it “America’s Wang” for nothing


Evening Bam, all. Had a ridiculously long day, here’s a big pile of stuff I opened, found on a 25 page delivery note and priced

To be honest it was nice to be kept occupied all day and I got to be away from customers. Really fucking achey now though. Got some sirloin steak for tea and a few Tyskies as it’s my Friday night!

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Translates as: swiss cheese/weird roast potatoes

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got some weird flashbacks to stock checking in the warehouse looking at this picture.

Used to love wandering down aisles to check stuff when nobody was about, getting 5 minutes to myself.

Love the grim quiet uniformity of a warehouse aisle.

sounds good man!

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glad to hear it ma man. :+1:

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I like to go and check stock for a bit when my colleagues are being particularly annoying. Unfortunately I’ve had to pile stock elsewhere and it’s very messy now.

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Hullo Bammers and DiS crew.

In a pub in Denmark Hill, shortly headed for Champion Hill for Dulwich v Brentford B. Having a can of…

(Actually, 3 cans. But this is my number one beer of all time.)

Blondie on the sound system, earlier anxiety at bay. Life isn’t always shit.


In the bath. Turkey steaks, roasted peppers and brown rice for dins later. Few eps of B99 with the TV. Bed.

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yes! I’m running a bath right now! Bath time solidarity :fist_right:

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Good man! Radox?

Asda Bath Soak so pretty much

Mine relieves stress apparently

mine is enriched with sea minerals and clary sage extract!


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Evening, having creamy garlic mushrooms on potato rosti. Going for a walk in a bit. That’s all.



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Had some spinach and paneer curry for tea.

Creme egg for later.
Got to do done work in a bit buuuuut…only…
Three days until half term…:mega:

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Stew has turned put a bit weak…like a mushroom broth, what do i jazz it up with?