Good evening, Wednesdayers

It’s interesting. Even though arguably what happened this morning should have made me even more miserable (had a bike incident where two brand new pieces of kit got ruined), I’ve actually been able to take a deep breath and realise its not the end of the world.

Gonna pop to the shops in a bit and get myself some food…managed better on that front today and had a tasty omelette for lunch.

How have your days been?


Posts funny gif about lookin at the time


Hey Tilty. Had a bit of a nothingy day. Will probably be a nothingy evening. Have kiev and chips for tea. Meh

Hey tilts and everyone who posts below!

I’ve had quite a good day. I am in France and enjoying cuddles with my cats. Got a good amount of work done too.


making plans for Dune … soon. Seemed to have missed it on the biggest screens, which irritates

Quick soup-based dinner then pub quiz. Have a (just) out of date drinks voucher from last time we played/won, hopefully they still let us cash it innnn

Sorry to hear about your bike incident, hope you’re ok

I’ve done very little today. Going to make a cottage pie type thing for dinner soon.





A very courteous woman jogging behind me just now, obviously trying to make me aware she was a jogger and it wasn’t the sound of someone chasing me, shouted as she got closer…

“I’m just coming up your back!”

I laughed until I cried.

I feel like chasing her just to shout “CWBAFT!”


Hiya tilty and crew! Glad you’re feeling better, tilts :relaxed:

About to bake some pumpkin muffins, still got loads of the stuff to use up. Joni is very keen on eating her fair share too

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Evening all!

I’m waiting for some herb crusted fish to cook but Wor Lass isn’t back with The Child yet so no hurry.

We’re going to see some lights in the park. It’s The Child’s favourite night of the year so we’re all excited.

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Hey everyone

Pretty good day here

I had a rather odd nothingy final session with a CBT therapist. Felt like she kind of gave up and just had a chat and asked me nosy questions instead (which was fine cos I love taking about myself :upside_down_face:)
Anyway it’s fine - work paid for it and I think I’d gone as far as I could with her anyway.

I have a new early evening routine where I watch pointless and the news to kind of segue myself into the evening zone. So I’m doing that then I’m going to make curry then I’m going to watch bake off from last night

Then who knows :man_shrugging:

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Gonna make a halloumi, chickpea and spinach balti in a bit.


Hey tilts :heart: and assorted DiSers,

Had a bit of a weird moment there, felt VERY shaky and a bit light headed. Ran and consumed two bananas and some chocolate and lots of juice and I think I feel better now? :grimacing: Hmmm.


Hope you’re OK, that feeling is the worst

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My son has just put his thumb up my nostril and given me a nosebleed. FFS man

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Thanks Scout xx wee bit concerned it’s related to this new medication I’ve been taking but I’ve been taking it for a while now so would have thought it might have shown up before now…

I have only really eaten one piece of toast and some marshmallows today so I’m probably just hungry :laughing:

I get this when I’m hungry and have been eating mostly sweet stuff so this sounds right!


keep looking up takeaways, selecting dishes and then aborting ordering. It’s my new thing.

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Fish fingers, chips and peas for tea.

Yes, I am 8 years old.