Good evening

Chat please :slight_smile:

Evenin Matt,
So fucking delighted to be back in my flat, I’m gonna make some dinner and then sit on the sofa and watch tv or films all night.

Hiya lo-pan
Sounds pretty good. I take it you enjoyed pet shop boys the other day?

Going to have a Quorn Steak pie tonight. Not had one before. Hope it’s not shit.

Will probably watch Sevilla v Leicester. Hope it’s comically shit.

Had two interviews confirmed for the next two days, also been roundabout complimented on my looks, so it’s probably the best day I’ve had in a year. On the downside having to renege on going raving in Bristol this weekend because I’m too broke.
Going to eat pasta, read some Burroughs, and try and get to bed at a reasonable hour.

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Yeah really enjoyed it, they put on quite a show and it’s just really fun. Big stupid grin on my face throughout :+1:

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hello mwt. i’m staying late at work coz i messed about everything up today - been out of the game too long. eating a really sickly sweet curry from wasabi. gotta go home and do some more work too. woe.

Watching footy with george from work

Tell him hi

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Alright Matt! Hallo everyone,

Just wanted to say what a lucky bastard Jon Ronson is, I’m listening to Lost at Sea and this chapter he’s talking about how he was allowed access to Stanley Kubrick’s house after he died and got to rifle through boxes of his notes/research/whatever. I am so jealous. It’s crazy the obscene amount of research he would do for his films. Might need to watch Room 237 and then obsessively watch The Shining this weekend when the bf is away.

Anyway, apart from that I might have a baked potato later and you know what that means!!! -


His rework of “Valerie” can fuck off though


For you :heart:

Renege is one of the best words

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My day: woke up thinking it was the middle of the night; got soaked to the toes on the way to work; was told within minutes of getting to work that my job (or, more accurately, the temporary job that is about to be made permanent thanks to mine and my colleague’s work) might be automatically offered to a permanent employee at risk of redundancy; cried in the toilets for a few minutes; got told later in the day that actually they’d found a way round it (though there’s a chance I might still have to apply for my own job when it becomes permanent); got taken to the pub for a pint by my boss as his way of apologising to me for the shitshow; got soaked to the toes on the way to the station; briefly researched ‘how to emigrate’ online.

Now heading home for dinner, which is likely to be chilli and chips. All benefits of a fortnight’s holiday, eroded in record time.

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Alright guys. Nowt to report

Least you got a free pint!


Sup DiS. About to join a call with US clients. Funsies.

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*weak thumbs-up*

ahoy hoy

I’m going to see sleigh bells in a bit, currently preparing for the evening by going to Nando’s. not bad/10.


Nice, well apart from the Nando’s part :wink: