Good Evening!

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I am sunburnt. From a 10 minute walk to work, a 20 minute walk on my lunch, and a 10 minute walk home (when it was cloudy)

Thank you Irish skin. I look like a big red twat.

How are your evenings going?

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Just back from the gym and enjoying a cool alcohol free lager as it happens

gf picked up this for me today! Sweet. That’s my night planned right there.

Currently listening to Portishead ‘Third’. Hope everyone is doing great!


Ate dinner at 5:30pm so, of course, I now feel the need for a second dinner.

Just about to stick on a couple of movies back to back.

Nowt else to report. Have a happy evening all.

Good evening big red twat and etc


Went to work, it made me so utterly miserable that I went home ‘sick’ at lunchtime. Made a massive carbonara for lunch, read a bit, watched some Food Network, had baked camembert and tiger bread for tea. It is officially my weekend :tada:


Watching Luke Cage season 2, it’s Quite Bad

That would suffice nicely for my second dinner.

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This made me think of BANGER

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That’s a great Hendrix pun! Also, Forever Changes has a sequel; Four Sail!

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Good afternoon esteemed friends

My tinnitus is fucking me up and I feel like a pig because I ate leftover pizza and pasta and two packs of crisps.

Watching a docu about Stalingrad on YouTube. No great cop. Hope everybody is groovy

It was very good. Had some misery cocktail sausages and steak flavour Doritos too.

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Made a quinoa and nut roast with raspberry conserve

Watching the Buffy

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Dipped in the Camembert?

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Of course.


Having an absolute time of it goading misogynists on Facebook

@Scott_Chegg have you seen he’s back on one of my other comments :smiley:

No! I stopped getting notifications for it for some reason!

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Really moody for no particular reason.


He’s gone after me posting a video of Fanny and it’s weirdly relaxing being a troll for a bit