Good evening

I’m wasted

seen so many squirrels today


magpies attacked the squirrels but they didn’t give a shit

As you’ll almost certainly remember, I made confit garlic last week. We’ve smooshed some onto toast and put some in soup to great effect. Tonight however, owing to being ill and needing to use it up, I’ve taken the chance to make a Lasooni Murgh, loosely based on some other curry recipes. I’ll level with you, I’m getting pretty excited at the atm.


mmm I love tomatoes

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good photography meight.

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Thanks, I’ll hook you up some NFTs of them

Finally about to get home after 24 hours of flight delays, airport cockups, briefly missing baggage etc

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New pub quiz

Evening all!

We got back to Glasgow at 5.30 ish.

I made this spiced butternut squash soup with roasted cauliflower for tea:


Was going to go and buy stuff to make soup but now I’m under my blanket and it seems cold and horrible outside.

  • Get off your arse!
  • Stay under the blanket

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I’m here. The last England match I went to at Wembley was England - Ireland in 1985. Lineker scored his first England goal and Liam Brady scored too.



Was all set for the most disappointing meal of all - stir fry - but wife ordered surprise pizzer.

Reluctantly got the long pyjamas out and got them on.

Watching that Jeffrey Dahmer thing.


My grandpa has begun emailing me about what him and my grandma are up to, which is extremely cute and also chaotic in the year 2022.

Him and my grandma got back from a cruise and immediately tested positive for Covid :grimacing: they are 86 and 80 respectively… yikes… please can they get through it. Glad I visited them a few weeks ago before they went on holiday I guess??

Had a shower, had a ready meal, gonna tidy because it’s so messy that I have limited options for BeReal locations in my house right now

It was so very worth the two hours it took to peel all that garlics


hope your grandfolks are ok!


Genuinely delighted Blankety Blank is back

Hey hey

Had a solo parenting day today. Was ok, but he’s a pickle at times. Made pan fried garlicky chilli broccoli and had that with egg fried rice. Excellent dinner. Chilling with a beer and watching trash


Evening, planning a little jaunt to a place they call the Netherlands next April

Thinking Amsterdam-Utrecht-Leiden-Rotterdam maybe squeeze in Den Haag?