Good evening

How’s your day been?

I played some videogames and got some fresh air, also set up my studio ready for tomorrow. Promise I will do something musical!

Just turned on my phone and found out I have a dentist appointment tomorrow though which will put the day under a cloud cos it’s at 17:30.

alright, woke up late which sucks. Listened to some Morrissey

Hey Bammers!

I always sing your name to the tune of Black Betty.

That’s all I got. Have a lovely evening you awesome dude :+1:

(Aren’t dentist appointments at 14:30?)

Just got back from Stratford practising with a new band (in a really swank space for free because they do music as a degree), was really fun.
Now I’m freezing and I have the beginnings of a cold. Stocked up on paracetemol and lemsip. Going to try not to think.

Vauxhall and I?

woah black betty Bamnan?


like that?

Spent the day making Xmas decorations. Spent most of it guarding the glue gun from small hands like an eagle guards its young.

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what is your role in the band Ruffers?

Bass this time, I’m usually a guitarist so I’m a bit more melodic/Peter Hookish than a lot of others but there’s only 1 standard guitar in the band so it doesn’t sound messy atm. It’s fun!

good luck at the dentists x

i’m in my dressing gown and have no plans for moving from the sofa for the next hour. had planned on doing things this evening but had to sack them all off, which tends to be the case more often than not when i’m not letting anybody down.

At work until 9. Struggling to stay awake.

Booked Primavera earlier on, ticket and accomodation sorted. At least eight or nine mates from home have it sorted too. Brilliant! Or so I thought.

What happens at three o’clock is one of our ATDs (who lives in L.A.) wakes up and informs us all that his wedding is most likely the weekend of the festival. And that he sorted the venue weeks ago and didn’t tell any of us. There’s been absolute war since. This could fuck a few friendships up.

Why, go to your mates wedding. It’s just a festival ffs



he’s going to me to get a scale and polish or whatever they call it and I will ignore him awkwardly as usual

Sorted out the majority of my stuff and put all the books and films away. Turns out I have way more unread books than read ones. £2 charity shop books can be a dangerous habit.

Started reading the Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, and the first section is surpisingly set in Gravesend in August 84, 4 months before I was born. :grinning: You don’t see that much- normally you have to settle for Charles Dickens to read anything set in the area.

There’s a few factors at play here but I think the main issue is that we’ve all splashed out big time on tickets and accomodation and he’s pulled the rug out from under us.

If it happens I won’t get to go to a single foreign festival next year. I enjoy that and have done it for years on end and this lad knew that and still didn’t tell us.

I’ll go to the wedding but I’ll probably bring a blow-up sex doll as my plus one as a protest.



Yeah I was a bit blunt.

I’d probs be annoyed if I’d splashed out on tickets and accommodation already.

I’d prob do the same as you - begrudgingly go to the wedding after telling my mate he’s been a bit annoying

I’m giving serious consideration to primavera next year