Good excuses


Just remembered the time that Bundy turned up late for IT and said “Sorry I’m late, I skateboarded in and didn’t account for wind resistance”

Fucking great stuff that.

Now you say some.


Classic Bundy.


My standard “I want to work from home at short notice” line is - I ate something dodgy, you don’t want to know the details but it’s probably best I stay here.

No questions asked. Ever.


Was Bundy’s hair all askew/sticking up?

That would be funny possibly


It usually was mate!


Classic Bundy


Dog ate my homework


I overheard someone getting shit/bants/shit bants for being ten minutes late this morning, and their excuse was “Sorry, I was in A&E until 4 o’clock because my son had suspected meningitis”, which shut the lads in accounts RIGHT up.


Friend was once caught listening to music on a personal CD player in class. His excuse was “we found a CD in my bag and we wanted to see what was on it.”

And what was on that CD? Kasabian, probably.


You can usually tell by structural damage to the roof


Sometimes I tell people that I’m late because of train delays even though there was a totally different reason just because I can’t be arsed to use it as a conversation springboard.


Ahh, Bundy. What’s he like eh? Big Bunds. The Bundmeister.




Just another manic Bundy


Bundy, bloody Bundy


Enjoy Pendulum in detention


Dog ate my homework; I cut the dog open to get the homework because I’m so dedicated. However, the bulk of my efforts have been eroded by canine stomach acids and now I’m grieving for the flat grid of a spaniel so maybe give me a bit of slack


I’m easy like Bundy morning


Anglos a Bundy


In my old job a temp was an hour late because, he claimed, there was a bee in his room.

Another temp turned up after lunch on a morning after a club night we knew he used to go to. No phone call. His excuse was that his dad had locked him in accidentally when he went to work and he’d dropped his phone down the toilet and broken it so couldn’t call. Apparently he had to wait for his dad to come home for lunch. Someone saw him using the “broken” phone later in the day. Didn’t get sacked.