Good excuses

Once pulled a sickie on the basis of ‘sharp pain in my testicles’. Nobody was questioning that one…

aka gavin from accounts LOL

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womens troubles

edit: I mean this seriously. how/why people are expected to work whilst on their period… :man_shrugging: if you have bad cramps you should be able to at least WFH if not just not bother working at all

Bowl of rice

A temp I used to work with once said he was late because he was locked in the house he woke up in.


This genuinely happened to me once. Stayed over at a mate’s, he left for work and locked me in the house.

My Mum once managed to lock me and a friend in our house when she went to the garden centre when I was about 11.

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I once went home from work mid-shift because I’d accidentally locked my housemate’s girlfriend in the house without keys. Luckily she used our neighbour’s flat room to break out using a bedroom window.

This sounds a bit like I kidnapped her but that was definitely not what happened and the jury’s verdict was correct.

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A mate once rang me up and asked me to bring him some chips because he was locked in the house and couldn’t get them himself.

Passed him the bag through the window


I had a casual encounter a few years back and she got locked in my flat for the whole day. Bit awkward

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Hope you shouted “round 2” as you walked through the door

my mate blagged his way into Long Division in Wakefield by saying he had a ticket but his mate ate it

They let him in

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Wife rang in sick once because she burned her mouth on a roast potato.


once said I was late for work because my brother had accidentally taken my shoes by mistake.

Everyone laughed but it was true :frowning:

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Lying about a deceased or sick relative (anon)

  • Sick and twisted
  • Gets results

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Should be multiple choice

Excellent bluff calling, though

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I was working from home one day and was offline for a couple of hours.
Once I logged back on my boss said “that was a long lunch”.

I told him I was helping castrate 2 alpacas.


I mean… both surely?