Good exhibitions 2018

Not sure if there is already a thread for this.

Was just looking at the sound experience in the Tate (any good?) and looking for other things to do this week. There’s also a new VR experience in Milton Keynes I might try :nerd_face:

Have car, will travel.

Went to this a few weeks ago

Excellently designed, good mixture of “stuff”.

There’s also a Peanuts exhibition on at Somerset House which I have not been to yet but am going to soon.

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Thought I’d missed the video games (shush Lana…) exhibition.

tried and failed to start a similar thread a while back

if anyone’s in the Hague for some reason there’s a really good one about Emory Douglas and the Black Panthers at West

Kubrick exhibition finally making its way to the Design Museum next year. Been waiting for bloody years watching it go around the world. Early bird tickets on TimeOut are great value.

Marina Abramović at the RA is bound to be ace.

Heard good things about Living With Buildings at Wellcome.

Planning to go see the Anglo Saxon exhibition at the British Library because (nerd alert) I want to see the Codex Amiatinus. Its had amazing reviews, hopefully going before Christmas

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I’ve been to the 180 show at the Strand 3 times now. Lots of good video art, good mixture of weird and accessible. Has the 6 hr film of the National playing Sorrow (which I love)

The Christian Marclay 24 hr film at the Tate is also great, especially if you’re a film geek

Can pop into the Jenny Holzer show while you’re there as well

Where’s the VR experience in MK?

It’s this place. I haven’t been yet.

^this so much

Ah, okay. I know where it is.

Cool, might check it out. Thanks!

This is brilliant, but a) closes soon, and b) is a bit far to travel

But how about…

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Last time I posted that link on here, everyone said they weren’t going to click it because it would be boring.


One of the top 4 articles is “London’s weekly railway news

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That, plus his name is Ian.

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The Londonist isn’t that great these days, but ianvisits, diamondgeezer, the deserter and the gentle author are all still worth reading.

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