Good feelings (office edition)


When you set a reminder in your calendar to do something, but delay it every day for weeks until it gets to the point where there’s no real point doing the actual task any more so you just hit “dismiss” rather than snooze it for yet another day.


When you walk into the office kitchen to get your Monday morning coffee and there’s more cake than you’ve ever seen in one place that isn’t a bakery.


When you find the chocolate bar in your drawer that you forgot you had


when the clock hits 6


When the noise-cancelling kicks in on your headphones.



When there is a rich seam of kinder bueno in the vending machine


The feeling when you get an email from a client and there’s a big chunk of white screen at the bottom of the email where his signature should be, and it looks really odd, so you highlight the area and some white text appears…

And it says…


Okay, pretty niche, but it made for a fun Friday afternoon. We didn’t tell him.