Good films with no bad guys

Very arrogant about it though.

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Groundhog Day.


For the purposes of this thread I am not calling ‘things’ ‘guys’ because that’s how it is.

the radio was the bad guy.

Are animals and aliens guys?

Much like the wrestler this is a good call although I would also say that Murray’s character is the antagonist, he just doesn’t appreciate it.

Guys and Dolls

Not in the end. The radio was the good guy.

He said ‘no bad guys’, you’re allowed to have one


Bad Boys

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I don’t think this guy knows what a plot is

I don’t know what more I can give you Theo to be honest. Some people.

Did the radio ever apologise for being the bad guy originally though?

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Yes. Deleted scene.

Maybe the real bad guy was the friends we made along the way


Maybe it’s you.

Eff you mate

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Exactly what a bad guy would say.

that FIFA film with Tim Roth


Reservoir Dogs?

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