Good Friday? Good Friday!

It’s good Friday. Is your Friday going to be good? Tell me about it

No work, have a pub quiz tonight.
Might take the bike out for my hour this afternoon.
So it’s looking good :+1:

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Off to work in a minute, who knows what lies ahead today, nothing good probably.




Just watching an interview with cosey fanny tutti

Got a coffee.

No plans.

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Good morning Rich, good morning DiS.

Still in bed: so far, so good Friday (doesn’t even rhyme)

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Gonna try and wake myself up for the thread marathon


Hello! I’m going back to bed! Bye!


Just got back from work. My Friday will be good until I go back there.

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got to work today
was doing pretty well until this week, feel terrible now

housemate’s in greece for the forseeable so might tidy his room and use it as a makeshift living room. it’s so messy though


Crud Friday more like eh.

Didn’t get out for a walk yesterday so should probably do a bit of a longer one today but can’t be bothered really.

Google doing its best to make me feel great this morning

I’m spending the day within the perimeter of my own property. I can’t wait.

(genuinely thankful for having a garden right now).

Cooking with the kids this afternoon, and family movie night afterwards. Apparently we’re watching the latest Charlie’s Angels :man_shrugging:

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Already did a run so that’s my outside time used up.

Dunno for the rest of the day. Legends of Tomorrow is back, so that’s at least one hour taken care of.

Take dog for a walk this morning.
Having a BBQ this afternoon.

Working within my home again. Going to do a shortish day though.

Three days off after this though.

:cat::cat2::gorilla::raccoon::racehorse::heavy_plus_sign: :heavy_plus_sign: :heavy_plus_sign:
:bike: :bike:

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Straw poll:

When did you last leave the house?

  • Earlier today (Friday)
  • Yesterday (Thursday)
  • The day before yesterday (Wednesday)
  • Within the last week
  • Within the last fortnight
  • Over a fortnight ago

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For what reason? (Anon)

  • Work
  • Care/errand of kindness
  • Permitted Exercise
  • Essential shopping
  • Non-permitted exercise
  • Non-essential shopping
  • Some other non-compliant reason
  • Something else (presumably that was allowed before the lockdown)

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Was a beautiful sunrise at 6.15 this morning.

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Morning all. I’m terrified of having 4 days on my own with nothing to do (Ok I’ve got loads of writing to do and a pile of books and exercise and chores I can do but aside from that and video calls and watching Phoebe Bridgers and Angel Olsen’s online gigs and doing my tax return)

So I’m thinking of holding a Quarantine House of Music World Cup for fun over on Twitter.

Got any bright ideas of “who” should qualify? Either band names or song titles with the word House. Also a few curveballs welcome (there’s obviously a famous doctor who’s also a musician). If you could pop ideas into this thread or over on Twitter and I’ll compile them all later and if there’s enough do the leagues rounds later today.

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