Good Friday Good Selfie 🤳


I look so smug in this (all?) photo but it’s Good Friday and I’m not at work so I can wear my Death Grips t-shirt innit.


At work :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Oh mate :disappointed: Still love that coat though :coat:


Tell me about it. The coat is boss, although it’s weird to have gone from wearing shorts the past 2 days to wearing a coat into work.


You getting any days off over easter?


Sunday Monday


Happy days!


Not happy at all.



Not really as tomorrow should be my weekend off and I’m work for 6 grumps




Hanging out with yer man Jean Luc Picard


That’s a determined looking cat.



I hope you all appreciate me looking like a tit in asda for this poorly composed seasonal shot.


He does look like he’s trying to get away but he loves it really :rofl: earlier I was trying to talk to someone and he wasn’t having it, put his paws on my chest and rubbed his head on my chin to get my attention :heart_eyes:


This one’s from last night.

Deal with it.


Just up, aff work.



:heart_eyes: you giffy bastard!


How do you make your gifs?