Good Friday Good Selfie 🤳


Need to get this put next to my name. How do I go about this?





@moderators Please can you put “Giffy Bastard” next to @hanshotfirst 's username?

Hans Hot First will approve of this by liking this post.

Thank you kindly.





Looking a bit Zlatan.

Have you her considered growing a pony tail?


BAM, You sexy fuck.


love that cftpa shirt! :hearts:


Oooooft :heart_eyes:


It is my fave :slight_smile:


just me in my solomon grundy’s


You look like you’re in the midst of some interpretive dance.


I thought “what would David Bowie/Jarvis do?”


I’ve been listening to the Tina Turner Live in Europe album since I was a tiny child and only realised yesterday that there’s TWO duets with David Bowie on it! WHAT THE FUCK. I think it’s because it’s on the second CD, when my Mum played it in the car we often only had the first CD kicking about.


Going for a haircut so might do pre and post if I can be arsed. Need to get dressed first.


In the cafe, vintage clothing behind me. Alas, nothing my size.


I MUST LISTEN TO THIS. Developed a huge fondness for Tina after we covered ‘Private Dancer’ recently.


Bus selfie feat. sleeping passengers.