Good Friday? Let's Hope So



In an unprecedented turn, I was awake long before 7 this morning. Didn’t need to be, just was.

Lazy leisurely morning ahead, this afternoon some very exciting snippery and then this evening meeting an ATD for drinks.

What do you folks have in store?


Good Friday morning, I was awake at 6 and am so tired, I’m going to take myself out for a nice breakfast somewhere then do loads of stuff for my mum’s charity including phoning up people which I hate so much, I don’t even know why


I hope you have a GREAT Friday


I’d say the Friday before Easter was not good, I cried to myself in the pisser


Work. Yay



Not Good.


Anyone else see Shadow Fedora Theo on Facebook? Exciting gimmick change


When should you wish Christians happy Easter?

  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Standard Saturday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • All of the above
  • Never

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Going eating and drinking today. Sacked off a bike ride again :expressionless:


Fuck em


I’m at my boyfriend’s but he’s working until 7 then going to the gym so I’ve got almost the whole day to myself. Going to go shopping.


As you leave work/ the pub on Good Friday.

I often use the phrase ‘long weekend’ instead, as I’m an inclusive kind of guy.


I’ve been happy eastering people most of the week if I won’t speak to them again until next week. No idea if any of them were Christians though


Guess what? Working tomorrow too


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu… Mate!

Not Sunday, though, right?


Not Sunday, not Monday so at least I get a ‘weekend’


Busy wee morn ahead. Hopefully finish up early after that.
Take Jackson for a big walk and then off to my favourite curry house tonight to eat myself stupid and drink lots of beer. Oi oi oi


Hi! Woke up early with some excruciating period pains.
Forgot I had the car today so that means I can nip to the gym before my pick up window and then I may have a battle on my hand with the delivery people. We’ll see.

Might make a lemon cake later. Should I?


I’ll have a slice if you do.


Morning everyone! Heading off to Anglesey for the week in a bit. Looks like it’s going to be wet :umbrella:


Morning, got some work to finish this morning then getting the stinkiest train ever to my parents’ house