Good Golly Miss Molly

Good Grief Mr Keith

Good Lord Miss Maude

Holy fuck Mrs. Huq


Shit The Bed Right Said Fred

Weird how missus doesn’t have an r in it but Mrs. does, isn’t it?

You can literally say whatever you want in this thread btw


Happy birthday Mr. President

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Holy Pony, Mr. Tony!


Goodnight Mr. Tom

Goodbye Mr. Chips

Alright, Mr Dwight

Aujourd’hui, Monsieur Lee

Holy Smokes, Batman

What’s the plan Fran?
What’s on the agenda Brenda?

How very fucking hell, Mrs Shell

Good gracious, Mr Ignatius.

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Holy Moley Steve

See ya later, alligator!

In a while, Julia Stiles

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Give us a wave Nicky Cave

Despite all my rage I am still just Nicolas Cage