Good headline


Yeah - that was next to the incident story and I wanted to raise it but it seemed inappropriate somehow.

Pretty obvious - just start a new thread.

who is she angry at

please don’t make me read it

Not read it either but from Twitter think she’s angry at the school

Poor kid being in the fucking news for having a big poo

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as if that nickname’s not following him around for life

Whenever I think that article’s about to end it just doesn’t.


That’s how pooing works I believe

“She said the nine-year-old usually gets a hot meal, 'but he was having a poo and there was nothing left”

Just started reading it.

Not just pulled him out of school because he didnt eatt, pulled him out because he didn’t eat hot food (they offered him a sandwich, fucking monsters)

That photo is fucking brilliant IMO, the lad looks dead chuffed about his lengthy poo, fair play to him.

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The 31-year-old said she visited the school on Wednesday morning to try to resolve the issue

like, what do you want them to do? have the entire canteen sit about until your boy’s finished his shite

would have been hard work taking that meeting without laughing like fuck

And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead
A Winged Victory for the Sullen
Keep a Plate Warm for the Slow Pooers

Old Blue Last etc

Jennifer Slowpooez

I said I was a phone call away, and they could have rang me to bring a lunch in so he was at least fed, not going six-and-a-half hours without food.

“Hello is that Mrs Jarvis? Thanet Primary here. This is just a call to let you know that your kid’s just gone for a dump so you can rock up with a cheese sandwich whenever’s ‘convenient’ ah ha ha.”