➕ Good hot cross bun day ➕

How are you? I am going to go get a couple of biscuits to eat in bed, because I’ve been up all night with the dog being a complete arsehole and I feel a bit sorry for meself.

Are you gonna be eating buns, hun?

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Morning dingers! I can absolutely sympathise, the cat woke me up at half 5 howling firstly for food then to get on the heated clothes airer to sleep. I could get up early and enjoy taking my time getting ready but I’d much rather stay in bed and moan about it on here! Buns today depends on whether the cafe at work have made any. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I’m working all weekend.

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It’s the first day of my holiday, I went to bed late last night and I woke up at half 5 wtf


Yeah I thought about doing some stretches & stuff now but I’m in that limbo between sleep and awake, so not a good idea!

Oof, hope work isn’t too hectic this weekend :sob:

@Rarity why does this always happen, is it like, the law

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Managed a short little booster nap, still absolutely seething

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Morning! The human alarm clock woke us about 6am today. Going to have some breakfast the pop out to get ingredients to make hot cross buns, and get the dough on the go this morning.

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Morning :wave:
Had some beer yesterday, definitely missed that more than chocolate :thinking:
I think I now prefer sweet things… like cakes etc rather than full on bars of chocolate :confused:

Baking some bread this morning then going to the footy footy footy, ball ball ball!

You’re making them? Cor. Pics when they’re done, please!

Ooh, interesting about giving things up changing your sense of taste! Was the no beer/no chocolate hiatus for lent? Well done for keeping that going :relaxed:

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Recipes on the internet range from being quite easy to ridiculously hard. I won’t do the completely basic ones, but I’m not going to be making things too difficult for myself.

It was yeah. I gave up beer, crisps and chocolate. My girlfriend gave up cheese which I’d say is much tougher for her as a veggie.

Overall it’s been a good thing (I’m not religious) made me think about mindless snacking and sinking 10pints on any given day :sweat_smile:


Yeah but it’s still a lot more involved than what most of us do - especially me because I’m not really a fan, haha

Btw just realised the title is a bit flippant/didn’t really consider everyone celebrating today for religious reasons, sorry! But I am thinking of you and wanna hear about all of your celebrations :relaxed:

Omggggg I LOVE IT WHEN I POP UP IN PEOPLE’S DREAMS!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll do a tutorial for you on snapchat one day if you want? This dream CAN come true!

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This better not get in the way of your work in the dream pub…

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I think the first year I did it was because Jimbo was up REALLY early - like 4am early, and it’s so boring at that time of day when they’re so small that you find yourself doing stuff like making hot cross buns. And now I’m just carrying it on. How many years in a row do you have to do something for it to become a tradition?

Went straight to the pub when I got to Edinburgh last night, ended up having a bunch o’ beers before dinner (at 10pm, whoopsie). Feeling unusually sprightly this morning, enough to go for a run. Benefits of not being woken up by an alarm I guess?

Gotta go out later this morning and get the gf an Easter egg. Probably get some HCBs then, not a big fan but always gave one.

There’s an exhibition on robots at the national museum we’ve been meaning to catch and it closes soon, so might go to that.

Press Club tonight!!!

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Morning dingaling, all,

As predicted I’m awake earlier than I’d like to be. Now, I’m faced with a few choices, based on the fact we have 4 hours until we need to leave to catch a train. To my left i have my gnome primed for the cuddles and theres a cat resting atop her pillow, as if to say this family is for snoozing however I’d quite like to get some things done:

  • Get up now
  • Snuggle
  • The washing up needs doing
  • Do 40 mins on the spining bike
  • Surely 20 mins will be enough
  • You’ve got lifting to factor in
  • I thought you were going to go for a walk round the park this morning?
  • Do it all, have the world for breakfast
  • Mackerel frittata oooh and add peas
  • Just 10 more minutes

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Woke up feeling slightly glum

Do you ever end up feeling glum on the first couple of days of a period of time off work? I think that my adrenaline must crash, or something, and I just end up feeling a bit crappy. Am sure it’ll settle.

Also I feel a bit weird about my dad getting married and there’s a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t processed there. Doesn’t really feel significant enough for the MH thread

Hopefully the day will improve though. Good Friday service this morning; probably have a picnic and woods walk this lunchtime/afternoon. Got slow roasted lamb for dinner.

Up at 5am and just about feeling OK! Flight home at 2.30pm this afternoon. Currently watching Cheers and drinking soda water as I had a few pints last night.

Isn’t it a beautiful day?

I’m in bed with period pains. My bf has to go to work but i don’t want him to :frowning: