➕ Good hot cross bun day ➕

really want somebody to listen to my albu

(it’s no aja)

shit I could just make it live on bandcamp couldn’t I

send it over I’ll listen to it right now, gf not out of work for a couple more hours got plenty of listening ahead.

might crack open another cider and make a thread

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you can find it here!

now brb need a cider

dude! bam this is great so far! You have a phenomenal voice.

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aww you’ve made me so happy :heart:

this is you just playing all the different guitar interludes?

yeah it’s all me!

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Fuck. I encourage you to go on hiatus for a week every time if your going to put out shit like this.

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haha yeah I wish I could do a record every week but it’s quite draining

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Makes sense. A RDG or south coast meet is defo on the cards mate

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New peas of evening entertainment


what the drum machine you use, sounds pristine? Did @McGarnagle master this? Its wicked fucking good so far.

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Rdg could capture all angles too, Oxford, Bristol and those in between, hampshire, London…

ah I have some good like sampled drums that i program with, called like bigfuckingdrums or something. cost a few hundred but the drums sound good so it was worth it :slight_smile:

and yeah he did a great job with the mastering!


Been wanting to get to a few RDG pubs for a while. May have a spare Friday eve in May…

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“ice cream, chocolate cake” set the table!

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