➕ Good hot cross bun day ➕

‘last of their kind’ getting all instrumental on us eh bam, what a feel to this album! Space jazz high hat drumming on this

To all those, concerned about our evening, @Gnometorious was allowed in, because of a passport photo, by a common sense seeing, lovely bouncer.

Anyway, I’m getting crunk now, sorry if i post again tonight …


yeah that’s maybe my favourite on the whole album in a weird way

much gratitude for the kind words please and thank you

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Ooh we have this back at my parents! Top recc is to get the Angel pack as well and do a bumper game.

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not trying to sound like ultimate fan boy here, but thoroughly enjoyed this, flows real nice. Great acoustics, production, all comes together real well. Acid space at times, but its your voice on those down home acoustic tunes that really make it for me. TOP NOTCH! Encourage everyone to give a listen.

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thank you so much for giving it a chance, I really appreciate it! x

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what do you use for getting the orchestral sounds?

i have ableton live suite which is my daw of choice for recording and stuff and it comes with a bunch of sampled orchestral stuff, I like to use the cello and viola stuff as it sounds reasonably real to me, the violin is a bit too cheesy

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That’d be better but this pack is utter guff. Cordi had the worst stats. Not impressed

Cordy was useless in Buffy anyway. She only stepped up her game once she got to LA. Seems fair.

I’m with you in spirit :heart:

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Went to Manchester. Chorlton I think. Leafy isn’t it.

what cha drinking there?

Yeah, but this is 2019, not 2001, we know she stepped up


aww, you can have a big love fry up to recover though

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Actually, a night where they keep playing Paramore is really, really fun.

How you doing, pal?

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I’m good thanks matey! Made my album live now so I can stop thinking about that plus I’m a bit drunk on cider. Kinda wish I had some people to party with but I have a lovely dressing gown on so it’s not all bad

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