Good 'I am hangover and sleep deprived at work' albums?

There must be some classics.

This is all theoretical of course!

Wild Light by 65dos


Or days by real estate for something more mellow.

Something light and folky?

Bit of Bonnie Prince Billy or James Yorkston perhaps

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when you are so hungover that you actually become the hangover

I’m currently living through this scenario and this morning I am trying:-
Bill Callahan
Big Thief
Sigur Ros

Hoping at least one of those will provide some relief…

maybe some nice jazz, give some Ornette Coleman a go. Graceland by Paul Simon is surprisingly good hangover material. Maybe some of the early/more melodic Autechre albums too

love everyone you’ve listed but productivity would go down a lot if I was sleep deprived and started listening to that lot


BPB: Master and Everyone (I See a Darkness is better but too much existential dread for a hangover)

JY: Just Beyond the River (his best album by a mile and I won’t hear any different)

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Oh man, I need something much less mellow in these situations. Usually something a bit more electronic and dance-ish like Daphni, Todd Terje or Sophie.

I agree you need something rhythmic that will keep you up. But Sophie would kill me right now

Ended up listening to ‘One Fine Morning’ four times in a row while staring blankly at my laptop. Think it’s done the trick tbh.

Yeah, I’m maybe just thinking Immaterial on repeat tbf

Salad Days by Mac Demarco is a proper hungover hazy summer album for me. We went through a big phase of listening to Lost In The Dream by The War On Drugs as well around about the same time.

J Dilla - Donuts

This is like a kind of medicine


According to it’s my most played album, so that’s a lot of hangovers!

Nick Drake; Pink Moon.


I find Further by Flying Saucer Attack to fit this bill sometimes.

Be Here Now works as a hangover record imo, something to do with the music being as rotten as you feel

You Are Free - Cat Power
S/T - Velvet Underground (skipping Murder Mystery)
Veedon Fleece - Van Morrison
On The Beach - Neil Young

Actually, this is just list some of your favourite albums time again isn’t it? All good for a hangover though.