Good Instagram accounts to follow


really into this as of the last half hour


I don’t get it


did you follow the link?


no I looked at the picture and it’s what I assume memes are?


it’s a multiple-picture thing


and the account’s other content (ugh sorry) is really funny and insightful


Iirc you could follow that Kadyrov guy who’s the dictator of Chechnya, at one time.


Lots of gold plated Ferraris and pet tigers, naturally.


I really love @accidentallywesanderson


ooh. nice one! good detail to go with the photos, too.


May I shock you


I opened this thread mainly to recommend Awards For Good Boys! I follow a lot of that kind of stuff so might post some more recommendations later on.


Tories of bumble is ok.


Oh man, just went through the entire archive of this. Good lord. I’ve started using Bumble recently and it worries me that this is what I’m up against. Also, why do toffs always look a decade older than they actually are?



(thanks for the edit)