Good investments / what's your sidehustle 2.0?

  • Metal detectors
  • Cactuses
  • Buying a pack of polos and selling them individually to other schoolkids when you’re 12

anything else?


New fivers on eBay it would seem (suspect this is nonsense, however)


I’m starting to scroll through my old magic/Pokemon/yugio cards. Some are worth £20+ . I imagine I’ve got a good 300-500 pounds worth


how much are microstars worth now?


Studied hard at school, stayed away from drugs and made sensible decisions.


I essentially did the opposite of that


• actually start charging people for talks and workshops
• inclusive, accessible, unironic club night that plays all the music i’ve always wanted to hear in newcastle but never do (disco/funk/auntie music, mid '00s r&b album tracks)
• a small press that does prints, t-shirts and maybe even fanzines that primarily relate to the first generation of seminal saturday morning tv show popworld (collaborative project, can’t take all the credit for this)
• pavement cover band called path, so far it’s just me telling people i’m going to start a pavement cover band called path, i guess it coincidentally (yet almost primarily) exists to make the average pavement fan irked/uncomfortable at the thought of me of all people fronting a pavement cover band

if all of these fail, then a pet portrait studio

shouldn’t really be giving everything away like this


SOME OF US don’t have family connections to fall back on, pal!



Shouldn’t it be called Sidewalk? Or is this to irk Pavement fans further?


nah path cause it’s called a path.


Ah see, I’d only call something a path if it wasn’t directly alongside a road. But it’s your band. Viva path.


Go find out yourself. Collectables varies considerably in price. My guess is most of them will be well under a £1 a few will go for around a £5 and some might be worth much more.


i dont even have a regular hustle



carriageway + footway + cycleway + verge = road*

footpaths and cyclepaths have no adjacent carriageways

*or highway, depending on where you are

pavement describes the layer of construction more than the location or usage, so ‘sub-base’, ‘roadbase’ or ‘wearing course’ might be more apt options.


:sunglasses: :construction:


£1 a like