Good karma/bad karma

Done anything good that has resulted in good karma? Done anything bad that has resulted in bad karma?

Yesterday I asked a colleague what I should get from McDonald’s and he said “Quarter pounder with cheese meal and a Dairy Milk McFlurry.”. I asked him what drink and side I should get as part of that meal and he said “fries and Sprite”.

On my way to McDonald’s last night I thought “fuck that guy, I want to try that new Big Tasty with chicken, as a meal, with fries and a Diet Coke, and a reindeer Malteaser McFlurry”. I giggled with glee as I purchased the food thinking about my colleague’s reaction to my disobedience. Couldn’t wait to tell him in the morning. Well, unfortunately the Big Tasty with chicken was shit and I dropped my Diet Coke as I exited my car and the reindeer Malteaser McFlurry was passable at best.

It seems like karma sometimes. But it’s just coincidence.

No, it was karma. I felt something.


My local Indian restaurant used out of date coconuts, which resulted in a lot of bad korma


I don’t see how that’s relevant to the current topic.



What are we doing

I don’t know. My brains a bit fried tbh


Might do some work. See you at lunch.

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Gunna start using this as a way to say I didn’t have things I reckon

You felt coagulating, greasy mayonnaise dribbling down the front of your trousers.

I do like Topics. I think it might be my favourite newsagent chocolate bar.

Got to say though, my colleague’s suggested order was pretty shit, right?

Also, the fuzzy warmth from doing good things makes it easier to accept a sort of virtuous circle, and to be more welcoming of other people doing good things too

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