Good kitchen sink dramas, films or black comedies you would recommend


just need something new. Ideally something gritty or at least realistic but not too hard to o much of a struggle to watch.


You not supposed to be off reading some will self?!


Library won’t be open til the morning.


A Kind of Loving
A Taste of Honey
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Love on the Dole
Raining Stones
I, Daniel Blake

The latter’s probably the most emotive British film i’ve seen.


Yip, I, Daniel Blake is fantastic!


Billy Liar should be added to @bugduv’s list.


Yeah Ken Loach/Mike Leigh all the way.


Will be doing thatvtoo!


My Beautiful Laundrette
This Sporting Life

Should def check out some Ealing films if you aren’t familiar - It Always Rains on Sundays, in particular. And Passport to Pimlico (such an odd film).
For Ken Loach I’d go with Looks & Smiles/Kes
And Mike Leigh, Naked and Happy Go Lucky are my favourites.

Maybe doesn’t fit your criteria but I’d add A Matter of Life and Death for fun, weird, classic British stuff.


This Is England


Who’s Doing The Dishes


This one. Great film!




Nil By Mouth