Good kitchen sink dramas, films or black comedies you would recommend

just need something new. Ideally something gritty or at least realistic but not too hard to o much of a struggle to watch.

You not supposed to be off reading some will self?!

Library won’t be open til the morning.

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A Kind of Loving
A Taste of Honey
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Love on the Dole
Raining Stones
I, Daniel Blake

The latter’s probably the most emotive British film i’ve seen.

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Yip, I, Daniel Blake is fantastic!

Billy Liar should be added to @bugduv’s list.

Yeah Ken Loach/Mike Leigh all the way.

Will be doing thatvtoo!

My Beautiful Laundrette
This Sporting Life

Should def check out some Ealing films if you aren’t familiar - It Always Rains on Sundays, in particular. And Passport to Pimlico (such an odd film).
For Ken Loach I’d go with Looks & Smiles/Kes
And Mike Leigh, Naked and Happy Go Lucky are my favourites.

Maybe doesn’t fit your criteria but I’d add A Matter of Life and Death for fun, weird, classic British stuff.

This Is England

Who’s Doing The Dishes

This one. Great film!



Nil By Mouth